Ways HR Can Use an LMS

ways HR can use an las

Does anyone have to manage more paperwork than your law firm’s HR department? From benefits, to compliance, to new hires, to background checks, to termination proceedings… it goes on and on! But I’ve got an idea for all you weary HR managers who are still trying to keep things organized in file drawers and Excel spreadsheets: sneak over to your law firm training team and ask them, “Are there ways HR can use an LMS?”

Better yet, if your firm doesn’t yet have an LMS, form an alliance between training and HR to convince your partners that an investment in an LMS would provide a massive ROI for both of your departments. The benefits to the firm would be astronomical, considering all the time that would be saved in HR and the impact that training would have on overall productivity. Not many technology investments can deliver cross-departmental benefits quite like a learning management system.

I recently wrote an article about ways HR can use an LMS to track acknowledgment forms, but now I’d like to share a much bigger list about even more ways HR can use an LMS!

New Hires: Offer letter and employment agreement

  • Store the offer letter in the LMS and assign it to prospects (you can give them limited access to the LMS for this purpose).
  • The LMS tracks when they sign the letter.
  • Store background check requirements and steps for completion in the LMS, and assign to new hires.
  • The LMS tracks when they complete the background check.
  • Store the employment agreement in the LMS and assign it to new hires.
  • The LMS tracks when they complete the employment agreement.
  • Store drug screening documentation and assign to new hires.
  • The LMS tracks when they complete this process.

Employment Requirements

Your LMS can store and track completion – down to each individual employee – for all of the following:

  • Employee contact information, including “in-case-of-emergency” contact info
  • W-4 Federal Tax Withholding Form
  • W-4 State Tax Withholding Forms
  • Employee I-9 form
  • Verification documents, including:
    • U.S. passport
    • Temporary resident card
    • Employment authorization card
    • Date documentation is submitted to the State New Hire Reporting Agency
    • Equal Opportunity Data
    • Direct deposit forms
    • Employee benefits enrollment forms
    • Employee handbook review
    • Policy documents (such as NDA or non-compete documents)

Orientation Requirements

Your LMS can store and track completion for virtually all of your new hire orientation training.

  • Office protocols
  • Document management system protocols
  • Employee handbook
  • Benefits explanations
  • Everything that makes new-hire training feel like Groundhog Day

SavvyAcademy LMS for Law Firms

The SavvyAcademy LMS, a world-class solution powered by LearnUpon, is the only learning management system that comes pre-loaded with law firm-specific training content. It is also supported by a team of people who have worked in the legal industry, so we understand the unique pressures and cultural challenges that trainers and HR professionals face. 

The SavvyAcademy Learning Management System for Law Firms

  • Continuous updates and improvements to the award-winning LearnUpon platform
  • Works on any device
  • Comes pre-loaded with the SavvySMART Content Library
  • The ability to add any content that you have created, licensed or purchased from other vendors
  • Trackable, reportable data down to each individual user
  • Control and customization options for administrators
  • Easy to create your own courses, ILTs, and Learning Paths
  • Priced by the seat, not by the size of your firm
  • Syncs with ADFS and Azure AD through SSO
  • ISO 2700:2013 Certified; SOC 2 Compliant; 99.9% uptime; Powered by Amazon Web Services

If you would like to learn about the many ways HR can use an LMS, and how the SavvyAcademy LMS uniquely serves the legal industry, book a 30- or 60-minute demo today using Calendly.


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