SavvyAcademy Learning Management System

A Learning Management System for Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments
The SavvyAcademy LMS, a world-class solution powered by LearnUpon, provides all of the flexibility, customization and tracking features that law firm trainers need today – at an affordable cost. Additionally, the cloud-based Savvy LMS comes pre-loaded with the SavvySMART Content Library, the only law firm-specific training library available today. And, perhaps most importantly, you will never find better customer service anywhere.
Case Study: A Brilliant LMS Rollout
Eckert Seamans rolled out the LMS to rave reviews (and results) to each of its 11 offices. In this pre-recorded webinar, Carla Healy shares their rollout steps, incentives they established for participation, quantifiable performance improvements, and even ways that they now use the LMS for remote training firm-wide.

Savvy Academy LMS

Everything you need to deliver high-impact training that accelerates business growth

Continuous updates and improvements to the award-winning LearnUpon platform

Works on any device

Pre-loaded with the SavvySMART Content Library

The ability to add any content that you have created, licensed or purchased from other vendors

Trackable, reportable data down to each individual user

Control and customization options for administrators

Easy to create your own courses, ILTs, and Learning Paths

Priced by the seat, not by the size of your firm

Syncs with ADFS and Azure AD through SSO

ISO 27001:2013 Certified; SOC 2 Compliant; 99.99% uptime; Powered by Amazon Web Services

SavvySMART Content Library

The SavvySMART Content Library is the only continuously updated, law industry-specific training library available today. Everything in the SSCL is fully customizable, and you own the source and published files. Subscribers are also invited to join a private Yammer community to solicit and share ideas with their peers.

The SavvySMART Content Library

Works in virtually any LMS

Includes rich content in responsive eLearning formats developed in Adobe Captivate

Becomes 100% yours once you buy it. We will never try to take it away from you

Includes weekly emails from content creators who take your needs into account when planning new content development

As an on-going subscriber, you receive all content updates as well as a plethora of communication regarding the updates

Security Awareness Training

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Security Awareness Training for Law Firms
As a leading channel partner with KnowBe4, the world’s most popular security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, Savvy Training & Consulting can provide the tools and training that may help prevent security breaches and cyberattacks on your law firm or corporate legal department.
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2020 Phishing by Industry Benchmarking Report
In this pre-recorded webinar, Joanna Huisman, KnowBe4 SVP of Strategic Insights & Research, covers cyber threats to the legal industry and improvements achieved through security awareness training. She also discusses research-proven ways to incentivize employees to take your firm’s cybersecurity seriously.

Features of the KnowBe4
Suite of Security Training Programs

Free tools to benchmark your firm’s current security status

Hundreds of phishing templates and simulated attack protocols

Secure password training

Advanced reporting and risk scoring

Continuously updated education and training materials

Microsoft Office Training

Office workers in office in front of laptop
Savvy Training & Consulting provides comprehensive training opportunities and learning content for any law firm or legal department seeking to maximize its use of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. From on-site trainings, to private webinars, to our continuously updated SavvySMART Content Library, we’ve got Microsoft Office covered for you. We can ensure that your team is using this powerful suite of tools effectively and efficiently.

Savvy’s Microsoft Office Training Covers:

Microsoft fundamentals, including:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Outlook

  • Microsoft Teams, including:

  • Quick start
  • Intro to MS Teams
  • Setting up and customizing your team
  • Collaborating in teams and channels
  • Working with posts and messages

  • Starting chats, calls and meetings
  • Exploring apps and tools
  • Managing your activity feed
  • Any other functions you desire to use

  • Document Management System Training

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    Your firm has paid – and most likely continues to pay – for a document management system that has the potential to improve operations, security and efficiency across your law firm. But does everybody know how to use it? Do your new hires receive consistent introductions to the DMS? Are protocols being followed? Savvy Training & Consulting can help you develop, launch and maintain a DMS training program that delivers efficiencies firm-wide.

    Savvy’s DMS Training Services Include:

    New DMS rollout training

    New hire orientation training

    Off-the-shelf and customized learning content

    Power user training

    Ongoing support

    Compliance & Soft Skills Training

    Traliant: Compliance Training
    Take your law firm compliance training from boring to brilliant with Traliant. As the number-one training partner to the legal industry, Savvy is proud to offer law firm compliance training through our partnership with Traliant. Traliant is revolutionizing the compliance training experience with bite-sized videos presented in a modern, news-style format. Courses immerse learners in interactive episodes that let them choose alternate endings, while learning to handle difficult, real-world situations. By influencing behavior and culture, Traliant helps you promote a positive, respectful workplace.
    Traliant logo
    Vado: Soft Skills Training
    Vado’s short video courses help supervisors build the skills they need to lead and manage others, strengthen their team’s performance, and improve their contributions to business goals. For individual team members, Vado courses help build the skills needed to increase personal performance, develop communication and team skills, as well as help individuals become contributing members of the organization long-term.
    Vado logo
    Man and woman looking at laptop

    Savvy’s Compliance and Soft Skills
    Training Covers:

    Compliance Training Covers:

  • Preventing discrimination & harassment
  • Diversity, inclusion and sensitivity training
  • Interview compliance & fair hiring
  • Retaliation training
  • Data privacy, GDPR & information security
  • HIPAA for business associates
  • Export controls
  • Active shooter response
  • More

  • Soft Skills Training Includes:

  • Career development
  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Delegating work
  • Employee Engagement
  • Feedback
  • Leadership
  • More

  • Procertas/Legal Technology Assessment

    Clients are increasingly demanding proof that attorneys are using their time wisely (aka: working efficiently). They want confirmation that timekeepers and staff possess the skills to use basic law practice technologies, like word processing and spreadsheet software. The Procertas/LTA program helps you assess your individual users, target areas for improvement, and deliver the specific training needed. Learners earn Procertas certification, which is a marketable differentiator to prospective clients.
    Procertas logo

    Savvy Training & Consulting is an official Procertas/LTA partner. We can:

    Plan and launch LTA assessments

    Analyze your results

    Create individual learning plans for your users

    Monitor progress and
    keep momentum
    moving forward

    Savvy Delivers Customized Training to Law Firms

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    Don’t see exactly what you need in our list of training products and services? Contact us to discuss your goals. We likely offer what you seek, and we can deliver it better and more affordably than any other training partner today. Also, because we focus solely on the legal industry, we understand the cultural and industry pressures you’re under, as well as the unique demands of your work production process.

    Savvy Training & Consulting Can Deliver:

    On-site training

    Private webinars

    Remote training

    Power user training

    Trainer office hours