“It is the easiest relationship I have ever had with a vendor.”

Savvy will feel like part of your in-house training team.

About Savvy

Savvy Training & Consulting trains attorneys and law firm staff for maximum efficiency and security. We partner with firms that embrace change as they adopt new technologies and improve efficiency in existing, foundational platforms, such as Microsoft products, document management systems, and more. From weekly opt-in webinars, to firm-specific, instructor-led trainings, to a robust, subscriber-based learning management system that comes fully loaded with training content, our work translates directly into higher earning power for law firms throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Our Executive Team

Doug headshot
Doug Striker

Chief Executive Officer

As a former Chief Operating Officer of a prominent law firm, Doug has extensive experience in all aspects of the legal vertical, including finance, human resources, facilities, operations and marketing. Doug earned an MBA from the University of Colorado at Denver with a specialty in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Lewis and Clark College. Doug has served on several nonprofit boards in leadership positions, including with the Anti-Defamation League and Portland Mountain Rescue.

Katy Headshot
Katy Lumley

Chief of Learning Strategies

With over 14 years’ experience in the training industry, Katy has led the selection, implementation and administration of learning management systems for several major corporations and law firms. She also has experience in online, blended and face-to-face course design and development. Katy earned a Bachelor of Science from Ohio Dominican University and a Master of Science in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning from Boise State University.

Terry headshot
Terry Aurit

Chief of Instructional Design

Terry was a word processing manager for a large law firm and spent several years as a Judge Pro Tempore. As a result, Terry has an intimate knowledge of the legal industry. In addition to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Long Beach, Terry earned a Master of Science in Education from Capella University.

Janalee headshot
Janalee Chmel

Chief Marketing Officer

Janalee earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Political Science from Rutgers University, and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Denver. She passionately spreads the word about Savvy’s extraordinary customer service.

Our Core Values

Positive Teamwork

The SAVVY team thrives on:
• Mutual trust and support
• Engaged, positive collaboration

Exceptional Client Relationships

The SAVVY team delivers:
• Solutions-based service
• Creative and innovative results
• Industry-revolutionizing value

Proactive Happiness

The SAVVY team believes in:
• A healthy work/life balance
• Empowering people to do their jobs and enjoy rich personal lives

Seriously Hard Work

The SAVVY team is:
• Driven to deliver exceptional products and services
• Motivated to be the best


The SAVVY team is honest

Our Affiliate Organizations

Savvy is proud to partner with the following companies to bring the best training solutions to law firms.

Our Clients

Don’t take our word for it. Find out why hundreds of law firms 
throughout the United States, Canada and Europe choose Savvy.


- Letty Schreckengost, Learning and Development Coordinator, Goldberg & Osborne LLP

- Laura Cletheroe, IT Trainer, Burness Paull LLP

- Christine Becker, Training Specialist, MLT Aikins

I have to tell you how great the LMS is working for us! That Webex integration is truly amazing!! This week was our first time trying it out and when the users scheduled their session in the Savvy LMS it AUTOMATICALLY added them to the Webex Training meeting and sent them the invite with the link!!!! AND . . . it also shows up in their Cisco Webex Meeting app and all they have to do is click the Join button!!! Crazy easy!! And such a time saver for us!

- Lori L. Ramirez, Training & Support Manager

“Savvy is beautifully aimed at the legal industry.”

Stanley M. Fried, Director of Training

When we found Savvy we were utilizing another organization to provide training, and that is what they solely performed. Savvy has been much more than a provider of training; they have been an invested partner. They understand the complexities of training in a legal environment and provide solutions that are tailored to law firms. The level of service provided is off the charts fantastic. They have the expertise and work with us to determine the best approach to delivering training, even provided guidelines and suggestions on video development, etc.What I love the most is the dedication, meaning our LMS (previous provider) was once a bridge to some videos, but now it is a widely utilized system that provides the ability for the firm to perform at a higher level. I would highly recommend Savvy to anyone that is looking for an LMS, but more importantly a partner.

- Dan Lehman, Director of IT, Arnall Golden Gregory

While looking for a training solution to supplement my attorney mentoring program, I discovered Savvy Learning and what a great find that was. Savvy offers training and educational offerings targeting the law firm environment. Examples and coursework are often tailored to what lawyers and their staff need to be effective and efficient. The customer service from Savvy is astounding. One email and the solution is on its way – and it’s not just a check-the-box response, but a thoughtful suggestion on how to improve the process. New materials are offered each week which allow me to continually upgrade the knowledge of my staff. I seriously don’t know how I managed without Savvy.

- Dawn Anderson, COO, Hawkins Parnell

“Savvy offers much more comprehensive, observant training. They work hard to understand how their students are doing. They spend more time on areas where it’s needed and less time if everyone gets it. It’s a much more tailored approach to training.” 

- Chrissie Eastin, Director of Administration, Lourie & Cutler

“Savvy offers much more comprehensive, observant training. They work hard to understand how their students are doing. They spend more time on areas where it’s needed and less time if everyone gets it. It’s a much more tailored approach to training.” 

- Brad Crook, Director of Information Technology

Savvy has well-written and easy-to-follow reference guides and training modules. Their content covers a wide range of legal application topics including Microsoft Office, Kofax/Nuance, iManage, etc. Their LMS is easy to use and provides valuable reporting. During our LMS implementation, Savvy exceeded our expectations with exceptional customer service by “rolling up their sleeves” to assist with our setup and customizations. As an added benefit of the Training Library, Savvy conducts free webinars on a wide range of technology applications. Savvy has served our firm well with relevant written content and on-demand training options.

- Eileen Kelly, Director of IT, Morrison Mahoney

Savvy made it easy for us to choose content relevant to our environment, onboard users to the portal, and upload firm-specific content. Katy and Terry are especially helpful with anything I need or any questions I have about the portal, so that I can get back to the other 7,250 tasks I have going at any given time. I highly recommend Savvy for anyone who is looking for an LMS – their content and customer service cannot be beat.

- Linda Theriault, IT Manager, Rubin and Rudman

“The entire Savvy team has been fantastic. Their level of communication is amazing. They are always very responsive, and they are interested in getting to know our culture as an organization to become a strategic partner, rather than just a vendor.”

- Carla Healy, Training Coordinator

“Doug Striker, (Savvy CEO) answered the phone in two rings. From the moment we first spoke, Doug has been driven entirely by customer satisfaction. I knew I wanted to work with him.”

- Alan Prophitt, IT Administrator

“I have never worked with a vendor like Savvy. I feel like they are an extension of me. They literally are. They’ll do anything to make sure we have what we need.” 

- Mary Lynn Fritz, Trainer

“Savvy’s content and LMS are exactly what we need. They understand the legal industry, so their materials and delivery system are much more effective with lawyers and legal staff.”

- Robin Gipson, Training and Development Manager

“Everybody loves Savvy’s trainers. The feedback I get from people, you’d think they were having cookies with their grandma, they loved them so much!”

- Brad Crook, Director of Information Technology

“I have recommended SavvyAcademy LMS frequently to other firms because it is easy to use, the support is AWESOME (the best vendor support I’ve seen anywhere for legal products), and the price is very reasonable.” 

- Maritta Terrell, Trainer/Help Desk Specialist

““SavvySMART Content Library was (and still is) a true legal-specific training cafeteria. If you don’t know something, watch a video and turn yourself into an expert. If you need something and it’s not there, ask the Savvy experts.”

- Angie Kinsey, Training Manager

“Savvy has been huge. They were instrumental in helping us make this culture change. We had been talking about doing this for a long time but we didn’t know how to start. Savvy has made it happen. I can’t say enough about the Savvy team; they are amazing and brilliant.

- Teresa Evans, Director of Human Resources

“I’m confident this goes without saying …. Savvy is simply Superior!!”

- Joyce T. Yalamanchili, Learning Technologies Specialist

“A lot of training companies want to give you a template, a one-size-fits-all approach. Savvy was different. I told Doug Striker, Savvy CEO how I wanted to see things happen and he was really open-minded. No one else was. Savvy offered a very customized approach to our training needs.”

- Robert D. McDougal, IV, Executive Director

"I am always blown away with the level of customer service Savvy has, the support and quick turn around time is something I have not experienced in dealing with any other vendors, it is top level!”

- Laura Seigler Zerr

“The Savvy people have been so great to work with. We get so much support without us having to ask for it. It’s been a very pleasant experience – service that goes way beyond any vendors I’ve worked with in the past.”

- Charles Collins, IT Director