“Acknowledge This!” Manage Your HR and IT Docs in an LMS

I’m excited to tell you about something that one of our SavvyAcademy LMS subscribers shared with me. I’m always amazed by the creative ways that our clients use the LMS and I thought this one answers an emerging need and that it was imperative to share.

As we all know, in these “challenging and unprecedented times,” we are facing new ways to work, and our HR policies are constantly changing to meet these shifting practices. These constant changes mean piles of paperwork for HR. Well, I found out that some trainers are helping their HR teammates manage these huge volumes of paperwork by using the Acknowledgments in the LMS.

For example, if HR needs everyone to sign a “Return to Work” policy before heading back to the office, they can load the policy into the LMS, assign it to everyone, and ask them to acknowledge that they’ve read it. Since the LMS is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere, employees can read and acknowledge forms at home before ever heading to work.

The same process can be used for employee handbooks and even IT policies, like when people check out equipment to take home. All of this documentation can be assigned to individuals, requiring their acknowledgment before they proceed with their plans.

This practice can also be used to manage all the paperwork that new hires must acknowledge… Seriously, if you’re just using the LMS for training, you can blow this whole thing wide open for the entire firm to use!

But Since I’m Sharing… Here’s a Training Idea

I also had a conversation with a trainer who is working with her HR department to provide a strong incentive for learning. They are using the LMS to store and track performance improvement plans leading up to credentials that the firm has created. For example, HR created a new title called “Certified Assistant.” In order to achieve this title, employees are assigned and must complete specific training courses or learning paths through the LMS. Often, completion is tied to an assessment.

Once the path is complete, HR can change the learner’s title to, “Certified Assistant,” which comes with a pay bump.

When you have a robust, cloud-based LMS for your firm, you have a tool that can serve the needs of multiple departments across your firm. Contact Savvy to learn more!


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