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SavvySMART Content Library is Legal-Specific

At Savvy, one of our marketing mantras is: “Creative, flexible training solutions for the legal industry. That is what we do. That is all we do.” One of the many ways that we deliver specialized training to law firms and corporate legal departments is through our custom-written training library for law firms: The SavvySMART Content Library (SSCL). To our knowledge, there is no other company that offers a continuously updated, legal-specific training library.

But what does it actually take to write a training library for law firms? Terry Aurit, Savvy’s Chief of Instructional Design, decided to make a list of the ways that the SSCL uniquely serves the legal industry.

Training Library for Law Firms

  • Savvy’s content writers have worked as trainers and senior document production staff in law firms and corporate legal departments. In fact, our team leader spent five years as a judge pro tempore, giving us insights into a wide range of legal document requirements.
  • In general, software application developers create their products for a broad audience. Rather than teaching every feature or “bell and whistle” in a product suite, Savvy’s content developers make strategic decisions on which tools are needed by users in a legal setting and provide relevant content.
  • Savvy recognizes that legal drafting does not occur in a vacuum. There are multiple authors and multiple software applications needed to complete tasks. We provide training on the various applications that are used to complete a single task (e.g., drafting a document, saving it to a Document Management System, running a comparison/redline, and sharing the file with an internal or external recipient).
  • The terminology and writing level used in our training materials is familiar to attorneys and legal staff. It is assumed that the consumer of this content is highly literate and conversant in legal terms.
  • Sample documents include items such as memos, legal briefs, complex agreements, and other documents familiar to legal authors and support staff.
  • The SSCL provides relevant training for 80% of the firm or legal department. We recognize that some administrative staff may not use the same software features as a senior Legal Assistant or Attorney.  We aim to provide content that is on topic for those already performing legal duties, while providing additional training for those who want to move up within the organization.
  • Having worked in the legal field, we know that documents, spreadsheets and other materials are the work product of the firm. A firm’s reputation relies on its personnel’s ability to properly use the software in the most efficient manner possible. Our training materials provide suggestions for alternate methods for common tasks, encouraging learners to become more efficient.

If you are shopping for a training library for law firms, contact us today for a demo of the SavvySMART Content Library. We believe you’ll be impressed.


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