SavvyAcademy LMS Now Has AI Capabilities!

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Savvy Training & Consulting is excited to announce the rollout of a new functionality in our SavvyAcademy Learning Management System: Artificial intelligence tools to make law firm training easier and faster. Our partners at LearnUpon have been working on AI features for the LMS for quite some time, and we’ve been eagerly looking forward to testing the results. 

We’re impressed.

Savvy’s Chief of Learning Strategies, Katy Lumley, has been testing the new AI features for a few weeks and says the new capabilities are going to be a game-changer for law firm trainers.

“In my opinion, there are three primary ways it will be beneficial for our clients,” says Katy.

Three Benefits of AI in the SavvyAcademy LMS for Law Firms

Here are the ways that law firm trainers will benefit from this new AI tool:

  1. It will save significant time (creatively) because trainers will no longer have to think of quiz questions. As long as they have content written on the subject, the AI creates those questions for them.
  2. It will save time (task wise) because law firm trainers will no longer have to type those questions into the system.
  3. It will reduce the risk of creating questions that may be redundant or lack substance.

Additionally, the AI tools embedded in the SavvyAcademy LMS can produce compelling summaries, exams, and scripts. It can also create engaging images and videos, translate text, and even build entire courses – in seconds, not weeks.

For Example… How Can it Create Exam Questions?

The AI processes the content you provide, up to 8,000 characters at a time, and generates questions in up to three formats.

You then review the questions to:

  • Confirm they’re correct
  • Edit the questions or answers
  • Change the point value of the questions, if desired.

Savvy’s Terry Aurit, Chief of Instructional Design, tried it out and reported back to the team: “I used the AI Quiz generator yesterday to come up with questions based on the script of a tutorial. Sometimes, I think I’ve covered a topic in the video and people tell me the quiz didn’t exactly align. In this case, I didn’t need to change any questions, but I was able to confirm my existing questions were covered. It’s a FANTASTIC tool and I plan to use it on all new courses, going forward.”

Would you like a demo of the SavvyAcademy LMS, and its new AI features? Contact us today.


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