Savvy Survey on Training in the Legal Industry, 2021 – ‘22

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We are pleased to announce that we recently released results from the 2021-’22 Savvy Survey on Training in the Legal Industry.

We published results from the first survey a year ago and we have been excited to get another year’s worth of data to see if we can identify shifts in training goals, priorities and topics across the legal industry. Happily, that does seem to be the case.

First, some facts about this survey:

  • The survey was open from November 15, 2021 through January 3, 2022.
  • We received 130 responses. 
  • Two thirds of all respondents work in IT/Training, with some crossover into other departments, including human resources and operations. 
  • Respondents were from every firm size (1 attorney to 1000+), but the majority of the respondents worked in firms with 100 to 499 attorneys. 
  • We are sharing all of the same charts that we shared last year, even when there is no notable difference year-over-year.

Now, here are a few themes that we noted in this year’s results:

  • LMS procurement: The data shows an increase in learning management system adoption, which makes a trainer’s job much easier. It’s nice to see that firms are investing in learning.
  • Purposeful training: It appears that trainers are becoming more targeted and proactive in their training efforts, which may be a lot easier due to the increased adoption of LMSs.
  • Static/declining interest among timekeepers: Similar to last year, timekeepers are the least interested in training. Trainers would like to change this reality by offering incentives.

Here are a couple of charts from the survey:

Graph for, "Please check all of the types of training opportunities your firm provides."

Graph for "Does your firm set an annual training goal or requirement for its employees?"

Our favorite area of the survey was the written responses. We’ve shared the most inspiring, informational, telling and funny. (Check out the “Blank Check” question at the end of the pdf for some great ideas and witty quips.)

Click here for the full survey.


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