Microsoft Word Styles: Tricks & Hacks

Two professionals celebrating at their computers after Microsoft Word Styles training

Microsoft Word Styles is a big deal in law firms. Most law firms establish Styles for all of their documents, and they expect that all people in the document production cycle know their Styles and use them. This affects everything from how a Table of Contents works, to citations, to footnotes, and on and on. 

Often, people are intimidated by Microsoft Word Styles and they either ignore them or try to copy Styles from other documents… but they don’t know how to do that correctly, either. The result is that documents degrade, and clients receive work that is riddled with mistakes. 

Join Savvy Training & Consulting and Kraft Kennedy for a quick, free, 30-minute webinar on Wednesday, April 13, noon ET, and come away with several tricks and hacks to make Styles easier! We’ll provide a quick tour of Styles capabilities and then show you how to…

  1. Create Styles on the fly
  2. Apply Styles to your document
  3. Modify Styles directly in the document
  4. Copy Styles between documents

After this training, you will be less intimidated and you will understand some Microsoft Word Styles fundamentals that will enable you to work more efficiently and effectively.

Invite all of your firm’s attorneys, paralegals and support staff!



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