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Savvy is proud to announce that we have again joined forces with LTC4 to deliver skills-based certification programs that enable attorneys and support staff to work efficiently and securely for their clients. 

LTC4 is a non-profit organization that has established legal technology core competencies and certifications that all law firms can use to measure ongoing efficiency improvements. 

“Today’s clients understand that they should be getting the maximum amount of productivity for the hours they’re billed,” says Doug Striker, CEO of Savvy Training & Consulting. “With LTC4 certification, attorneys and law firms can prove to their clients that they don’t waste time on simple tasks, like document creation or management.”

Bonnie Beuth, Chair of LTC4, added, “Combining Savvy’s training expertise with LTC4’s industry standard core competencies gives law firms the benchmark to prove a return on training investment. LTC4 Certification provides an unmatched standard of technology adoption and proficiency that clients can trust.”

LTC4’s Learning Plans & Certifications include:

  • Working with legal documents
  • Time recording
  • Client relationship management
  • Visual communications
  • Hybrid working
  • Managing documents & emails
  • Collaborating with others
  • Security awareness
  • Data and reports
  • Video conferencing

Global Digital Learning Network 

In addition to its foundational certification program, LTC4 recently launched the Global Digital Learning Network (GDLN).

The GDLN is a global forum made up of any digital learning professionals from law firms, legal departments, law schools and legal non-profits to share ideas, issues and solutions between technology and learning professionals working within the legal industry. 

Learn More About LTC4

If you would like to learn more about LTC4 and the ways that it can quickly build verifiable efficiencies in your firm, contact Savvy today.


About Savvy

Savvy Training & Consulting trains attorneys and law firm staff for maximum efficiency and security. We partner with firms that embrace change as they adopt new technologies and improve efficiency in existing, foundational platforms, such as Microsoft products, document management systems, and more. From weekly opt-in webinars, to firm-specific, instructor-led trainings, to a robust, subscriber-based learning management system that comes fully loaded with training content, our work translates directly into higher earning power for law firms throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

About LTC4

In 2010 a group of legal professionals from the US, UK, and Canada met to identify and articulate internationally accepted workflows. These volunteers, comprised of attorneys, legal technology trainers, and IT specialists, used their extensive experience to develop a set of legal technology core competencies. The resulting LTC4 Core Competency Learning Plans and Certification programs have become the industry standard and the foundation for law firm training that addresses skill gaps, increases productivity, improves profitability, and reduces security risks. These relevant Learning Plans are application-agnostic, workflow-based, and flexible to accommodate a firm’s internal policies.


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