Littler’s Employer Pulse Survey Report 2023 

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In our efforts to serve the law firm industry with soup-to-nuts training service, Savvy has long partnered with Kantola to provide compliance training for law firms. Why Kantola? Because all of their compliance products are collaboratively created with Littler, the largest employment law firm in the world. 

When our law firm friends discover this connection to Littler, they generally want to learn more. And what they learn is impressive. 

But I digress. I will share more about Kantola at the bottom of this article. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a Kantola article about a recent Littler study. We believe this has important insights for HR professionals who are tasked with providing compliance training for law firms

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Littler’s Employer Pulse Survey Report 2023 

According to our collaborative partners at Littler, the economy has been “awash with mixed messages and unpredictability in recent months—throwing a wrench into many employers’ workforce planning.” 

This complex picture raises a host of important questions for organizations in how to respond. Especially when shopping for compliance training for law firms.

To better understand how this uncertainty is impacting workforce management and planning, Littler surveyed more than 450 in-house lawyers, C-suite executives and human resources professionals. Respondents were “based across the United States and represented a variety of industries, including technology, manufacturing, retail and hospitality, and healthcare.” 

To save you the time, we sifted through their results to pull out some key takeaways and insights. Here are three points to keep in mind. 

Confidence in their own businesses remains high 

Despite an unpredictable economic landscape, the majority of employers Littler surveyed appear to be responding to what The Wall Street Journal called the economy’s “surprising vigor” with resounding optimism in the state of their businesses. For example, 76% of employers have a high level of confidence in the current state of their businesses. 

Economic uncertainty drives caution in hiring, but layoffs not yet widespread 

While nearly a quarter of Littler’s participants (24%) say they have administered layoffs or are “in the process of doing so,” the more interesting finding, according to Littler, may be the lack of workforce reductions. For example, 6 in 10 respondents say they “are not planning or even considering them.” 

From the report (bold added):

“A New York Times article also highlights the recent difficulty in recruiting and retaining employees, as well as staffing shortages that many industries are still facing, as among the reasons why many companies have not taken the step of conducting layoffs. Indeed, our survey found that 94% of respondents see recruiting and retention as a high (69%) or medium (25%) priority, while 95% are placing a high (68%) or medium (27%) priority on employee engagement. 

“Some companies that are content with their current workforces have decided to try to avoid layoffs in favor of maintaining stability of their workforces, and instead try to reduce excess overhead through controlled spending and natural attrition of their workforces,” said Solomon.” 

Kantola’s Interpretation? Workplace culture is more important than ever

Also from Littler: “The resulting picture is one of employers caught between navigating economic headwinds and recognizing a need to retain talent and grow to position their businesses for future success.”

From Kantola’s vantage point, business confidence and lack of layoffs could be linked to recent efforts companies have made to better enhance their internal culture, including compliance training for law firms.

At Kantola, we  know employees want to be seen as individuals, each with a unique identity and set of needs that must be considered. Additionally, companies are increasingly seeing the organizational benefits that putting a focus on employee experience can create—such as greater productivity and higher performance.  

It comes as no surprise that this is reflected in Littler’s results. Companies are honing in on their ability to create and maintain a positive culture, while putting the focus on their most prominent stakeholder: employees.  

To download Littler’s full report, click here. (No form to fill out. Just access with a click.)

About Kantola

Kantola is an innovative eLearning company focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion and harassment prevention training solutions. They have many eLearning products that are perfect compliance courses for law firms. The company has partnered with Littler, the world’s largest labor and employment practice. Together, these two powerhouses work with top Hollywood talent and instructional design to create the highest quality and most engaging eLearning experience available in compliance. 

Kantola’s interactive elements help participants gain new insights about others and discover personal and practical ways to affect positive change. After training, learners rate Kantola courses a 9.1 out of 10, and 97% report they can better identify and deal with issues.

To see a brief demo of Kantola’s compliance training for law firms, contact Savvy today.


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