15-Minute Demo of Procertas’s LTA and BOTA Assessment Tools

The Legal Technology Assessment (LTA) and Basic Office Technology Assessment (BOTA) are now available in SCORM format, meaning they work in virtually any learning management system. 

This is revolutionary.

What are LTA and BOTA?

  • LTA: The Legal Technology Assessment is a benchmark assessment and training platform. Scores can be used to ensure legal professionals are getting the training they need on the technologies they use every day. The results of a user’s LTA score can be used for marketing, professional development, on-boarding, rate negotiation, invoice review and more.
  • BOTA: The Basic Office Technology Assessment is a powerful new hire assessment tool for law firms. BOTA pairs competence-based assessments with synchronous, active training in order to provide an effective, hands-on learning experience.

Savvy and Procertas

Thanks to our efforts to help Procertas transition these platforms to SCORM, Savvy is the exclusive reseller of LTA and BOTA in the legal industry. The Savvy/Procertas partnership is long-standing and enables both companies to provide fast, reliable service to our customers.

Free, 15-Minute Demo

Due to high demand, Savvy is hosting a free, 15-minute demo of these two products via Zoom on Thursday, May 25 at noon ET. No registration necessary! Just copy this Zoom link and add the event to your calendar.


Book a Private Demo

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