Eckert Seamans Chose Kantola for Compliance

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Eckert Seamans

Myra Kilgore, Human Resources Director


  • Eckert Seamans has offices in multiple states and must fulfill each state’s compliance requirements. 
  • The firm had a third-party vendor providing training videos, but that vendor never updated the videos to incorporate ever-changing regulations and guidance. 
  • Additionally, the firm did not want to make their attorneys and staff watch the same videos year after year.


Eckert Seamans Chose Kantola, offered by Savvy Training & Consulting


Eckert Seamans is a full-service national law firm with more than 300 lawyers and 500 employees across a network of 15 offices. Myra Kilgore is the firm’s Human Resources Director and, among her many other duties, she is responsible for assuring that the firm remains compliant with training requirements in each of the states where they maintain offices.

Myra had contracted with a third-party vendor to offer training videos on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and harassment prevention. Unfortunately, that vendor wasn’t staying on top of changes to federal and state compliance regulations. 

“We thought about doing our own presentations on these topics,” says Myra. “But these are relatively dry topics as it is. We wanted the high-value production plus the up-to-date education.”

Eckert has long been a client of Savvy Training & Consulting, so Myra asked Savvy if they had any ideas about a new compliance training vendor they might try. Savvy had just launched a new partnership with Kantola and thought it might be a great match.


Kantola is an innovative eLearning company focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, and on harassment prevention training solutions. Notably, Kantola partners with Littler, the largest employment law firm in the world, to make sure that its training content is accurate and up-to-date.

Additionally, Kantola uses top Hollywood talent and instructional design to create the highest quality and most engaging eLearning experience available. Their 100% compliant courses are refreshed yearly with new videos, sets, actors and relatable, real-life stories. 

Myra says she appreciates the production values of the training videos.

“Kantola’s videos marry high-production quality with educational content and marries them well. You get the entertainment factor, but also the education factor.”

To learn more about Kantola’s compliance training videos for law firms, contact Savvy Training & Consulting today.


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