Top 5 Reasons to Partner with Savvy

As CEO and owner of Savvy Training & Consulting, I ask myself this question all the time: “Why should people hire Savvy?” By asking that question on a near-daily basis, I challenge myself to constantly give current and prospective clients a compelling, competitive and useful reason to work with Savvy every single day.

Often, the answer is as simple as, “We have the best training products and services in the legal industry!” Honestly, that should be my first answer every single time I ponder the question.

But once I get beyond Savvy’s products and services, which I am constantly fine-tuning and improving, I believe that I must give people bigger, more impactful reasons to work with Savvy, as well. I mean, if we had the best training content in the universe but horrible customer service, no one would (or should) work with us.

So, what are the other reasons people hire Savvy?

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Partner with Savvy (beyond our fantastic training products and services):

5. Exquisite Project Management

Before you ever sign up with Savvy – when you’re still just kicking the tires – you’ll begin to realize that you’re experiencing something special. Thanks to our hyper-focused attention to detail and our desire to understand your unique goals and needs, Savvy delivers custom-tailored service to IT, HR and training professionals in the legal industry. Whether we’re giving you a free demo of our learning management system; partnering on a one-time, in-house training session for your new tech rollout; or working in tandem on your long-term goals using multiple services and delivery methods, Savvy brings an unmatched, detail-oriented, legal-focused perspective to every interaction we have.

4. Mind-Blowing Customer Service

Our clients literally brag to their friends about Savvy’s customer service. Imagine, going out for drinks at the end of the day with your ALA or ILTA chapter friends and saying, “My mind is blown! Savvy’s customer service is ridiculous!” We are crazy-proud of our reputation to deliver 24/7/365 service to the people who depend on us. When we talk to our clients, we know that we’re not just delivering the information and support they need, we’re maintaining a relationship that we care very deeply about.

3. Oracle-Like Preparation for Your Future Needs

When we partner with a law firm, we ingrain ourselves in the firm’s culture, technologies and protocols, then we cast our vision forward to help them prepare for the future. The legal industry is changing rapidly and, thanks to our experience as law firm insiders, we not only understand where you’ve come from – we can help prepare you for what’s next.

2. Never-Ending Updates

The American Bar Association changed its Model Rules in 2012 to reflect a paradigm shift in the legal industry: in order to provide competent representation, lawyers must be technologically competent as well as legally competent. As more and more states adopt this rule, it is clear that lawyers must be continuous learners in order to stay on top of tech advancements. Savvy supports this industry-wide focus with continuously updated training materials. We literally never stop generating new learning content for our SavvySMART Content Library clients. Better yet, we focus solely on the legal industry, so our content is customized to a law firm’s unique uses. (Also: See the bonus below!)

1. Hamster-Esque Desire to Run Circles for You

As if everything else isn’t enough, we work our tails off for each of our clients. To add one more metaphor to the pile: We’re like a dog with a bone when it comes to providing the best overall experience possible for our clients – we just don’t give up!


Did I say, “Top 5?” Here at Savvy, we like to give our customers more than they expect and, toward that end, I want to add one more reason you should choose Savvy:

6. Bonus: Buy It. Customize It. Keep it Forever.

A lot of learning content providers simply “loan” you their content. You can’t brand it, change it to suit your firm’s specific protocols, or customize it in any way. Then, when you decide to switch vendors, they take all the content away from you! The SavvySMART Content Library is different: You buy it, manipulate it and customize it to your heart’s content (or ask for our help), and we never, ever take it away from you. It’s yours.

Are you looking for a training partner that puts YOUR NEEDS first? Contact Savvy Training & Consulting today.


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