Why Good Content (owned by you) Is the Foundation of Your Training Program

I just heard a story that left me aghast. I was talking with a law firm trainer who said that her learning content vendor just took away all of her content! Just because she was changing providers!

Yes, we live in a time when everyone seems to be saying, “If you won’t play with me, I’m taking my ball and going home.” But at Savvy, we do things differently.

Once we deliver our SavvySMART Content Library to a client, we will never, ever take it back. Like, ever. Even better, we provide continuous updates to that content while we remain partners AND the content is fully customizable to a firm’s brand and protocols. You buy it, manipulate it and customize it to your heart’s content (or ask for our help), we’ll provide continuous updates while we’re partners, and we will never, ever take it away from you. It’s yours.

If you ask me, that seems like the bare minimum you should expect from your learning content.

Here are the Top 7 fundamental features you should expect – demand! – in your law firm training content:

  1. It should work in virtually any LMS.
  2. It should include built-in Adobe Captivate.
  3. It should be fully customizable to include your firm’s brand and protocols.
  4. You should be able to buy it once and own it forever.
  5. You should receive continuous updates included in your purchase. (And you should even have a voice in the updates you receive.)
  6. It should include e-learning videos, quick reference guides and topical manuals.
  7. It should offer trainings on all legal-specific applications, including document management systems, PDF, Microsoft and much more.

Savvy Training & Consulting has always offered its law firm training content (SavvySMART) as a stand-alone product.

SavvySMART is the customizable, use-it-the-way-you-want-it, continuously updated, law firm-specific content that many trainers, HR professionals and law firm managers are seeking today.

At Savvy, we truly want to help you achieve your goals! There is no way we would deliver content to you and then yank it out from under your feet. You buy it, you own it. And we will literally update that content continuously with trainings for software updates, new techniques and helpful tips.

We think SavvySMART is the ultimate training content.

But don’t take my word for it… here is what Savvy clients say…

“Our people like using the Savvy content. I’ve never received anything other than 4 or 5 stars on the feedback generator. People love finding the content they need online instead of picking up the phone. They just click and play.”

  • Dan Bressler, Senior Technical Trainer
  • “Perhaps the most wonderful part of SavvySMART is that my help desk can send someone a quick link on specific content areas if they have a specific question. Those targeted, individualized tutorials mean that I can spend classroom time on curricula that I’ve developed for other needs in the firm.”

    • Toni G. Limbers, Technology Training Manager
    • “I have never before experienced the type of support from any vendor that I have seen from Savvy. They love what they’re doing and it shows. You can see it in the products they produce and the way they treat their clients.”

      • Teresa H. Beatty, Trainer
      • If you are at all curious about SavvySMART, please contact me today.


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