Why I Partner with Litera Microsystems

One of the biggest drags on a law firm’s productivity is in document creation and management. The lifecycle of a document in a law firm is extremely vulnerable to inconsistencies, inaccuracies and even security breaches. In my career as a law firm COO and now as a trainer, I have seen so many firms lose client trust simply because they didn’t manage their documents rigorously. Additionally, firms that don’t have a solid document lifecycle process in place are extremely inefficient, which is a huge waste of time (aka “money”).

Luckily, Litera Microsystems has a suite of products that solve every challenge that law firms face today as they try to take the reins of their document process. I’m proud that Savvy is a partner with Litera Microsystems, so I thought I’d tell you more about what they do.

What Problems Does Litera Microsystems Solve for Law Firms?

Did you know that lawyers spend up to 60% of their time drafting documents? And usually they are under a lot of pressure to get the docs out the door, which leads to errors. Litera Microsystems helps law firms and legal departments leverage technology throughout the drafting lifecycle to allow lawyers to focus on what matters:

  1. More time on high-value work
  2. Less time on error-prone manual tasks

What Does Litera Microsystems Do? Let’s Look at the Document Lifecycle

There are basically three phases in a document’s lifecycle: Create, Check, Collaborate. Let’s look at these phases and examine the solutions that Litera Microsystems offers in each one.

  2. Challenges during the document creation phase:

    • Time consuming
    • Involves a range of sources
    • Document reuse is common
    • Requires document expertise rather than legal expertise

    Impact of these challenges:

    • Inconsistent style, formatting, and branding
    • Out-of-date content
    • Reputational risk

    The Litera Microsystems Solutions for the Document Creation Phase:


    • Traditional document assembly tool and template management platform
    • Automates frequent tasks for efficiency
    • Save up to 85% of time spent creating first draft of document


    • Style any document with one click
    • Reduce clean up time by 50%


    • Flexible automation for firms with diverse needs
    • Knowledge management tools for law firms who deal with pleadings and clauses
    • Open XML server for document construction means custom user and web interfaces

    1. CHECK
    2. Challenges during the document creation phase:

      • 15% of new documents will become corrupt during drafting
      • 65% of legal professionals are under too much time pressure to catch errors
      • 1 in 3 admit to not proofreading

      Impact of these challenges:

      • Document crashes & errors
      • Missed deadlines
      • Unbillable time
      • Low employee satisfaction & retention

      The Litera Microsystems Solutions for the Document Checking Phase:

      Contract Companion and Litigation Companion

      • With one click, review your entire document & view proofreading issues
      • Eliminate embarrassing editing mistakes & boost document quality
      • Reduce proofreading time by up to 90%
      • Easy install, deployment, and training
      • Reduce liabilities for clients and your firm


      • Style any document with one click
      • Reduce clean up & repair time by 50%
      • Enhance compare functionality in Word, or integrate with Change-Pro to compare every element within a document

      2. Challenges during the document collaboration phase:

        • Complexity increases
        • Frequent sharing of files
        • Multiple file versions

        Impact of these challenges:

        • Unintentional sharing of sensitive data
        • Version control challenges
        • Improved turnaround time = higher client satisfaction

        The Litera Microsystems Solutions for the Document Collaboration Phase:

        Change-Pro Premier

        • Comprehensive analysis of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF content
        • Analyzes embedded images, objects, and Excel tables
        • Integrates with SharePoint, Outlook, and many DMSs to support your workflow


        • Removes metadata from Office files, PDF docs, images, and ZIP files
        • Manages personal, business-wide policies
        • Reports on estimated metadata risk
        • Cleans metadata originating from mobile devices

        Secure Collaboration Suite

        • Enables send/receive files of unlimited size with secure encryptions
        • Stores content on premise with Enterprise File Synchronization and Storage
        • Prevents email mistakes and data loss

        Would you like a free demo of Litera Microsystems’ products to see how they could improve your law firm’s entire document lifecycle (and save you money in the process)? Contact me today! (303-800-5408, Doug@SavvyTraining.com)


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