Time for Your Q4 Spending Spree? Give Your Entire Firm the Gift of Fun, Impactful Training with Savv

December is around the corner and, because I served as a COO for a law firm for many years, I know that it’s time for departments to spend down any remaining money they have in their coffers. I have seen department heads spend wisely on products and services that improved their team’s work product, and I have seen department heads act like it’s 5am on Black Friday, scooping entire shelves of big box products into their carts without checking labels or even contents!

If you’re getting ready to spend down your budget, why not spend it on items that will provide long-term, strategic improvements for your firm? Namely, consider a learning management system that can elevate your entire firm’s work product and positively affect next year’s bottom line.

Learning Management System

For a lot less than you might imagine, you can take your training program out of the dark ages (aka: tracking participation with Excel) and improve your entire firm’s productivity. The SavvyAcademy LMS offers…

  • SavvySMART content, which is law-firm specific, not generic content that is meant to serve any industry. For example, if you’re training someone to create a table of contents for a pleading or a brief, SavvySMART teaches those skills using the nuances of the legal industry. Same for a table of authorities and how you must reference court cases.
  • The ability to set up an auto-reminder email for assigned students/instructors/managers/administrators regarding due dates for learning plans or individual learning activities.
  • Extended enterprise operations. If your firm consists of remote offices and employees who work from far-flung areas, they can easily access the LMS from wherever they are.
  • The ability to track employee licensing and certification requirements, including expiration dates. The firm is required to maintain CLEs, so the LMS simplifies the administrative tracking required.
  • The ability to create role-based competencies linked to courses. For example, you may want paralegals in your Chicago office to be enrolled in courses tagged “paralegal” and “Chicago.” Or you may create a skills-based requirement using tags titled “paralegal,” “contracts,” and “table of contents.”
  • And much, much more.

Best of all, SavvyAcademy LMS is priced by users, not by the total number of people at a firm. Let’s say that you work at a 300-person firm but you only want to train 150. SavvyAcademy can accommodate any number of trainees and only charge you for the “seats” you use.

Seriously, what other purchase could you make that would deliver improved work product, more efficient teamwork, marketplace differentiation on RFPs (because clients are increasingly asking for LTA and LTC4 competencies), fewer help desk calls, and more?

Click the image below to watch a one-minute video about the power of the SavvyAcademy LMS.

Specialty Training for Law Firms

If you already have an LMS but you’ve been looking for specific learning content or training resources to match your firm’s immediate or long-term needs, Savvy also offers the following a la carte!

  • SavvySMART Content Library
  • Compliance Training
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Microsoft Office 365 Training
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Training
  • Document Management System Training
  • Any customized training that your law firm needs

Contact me today for a free demo on any of the above training resources. I can make sure that your training dreams are ready to launch in January!


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