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Savvy Training & Consulting is a proud vendor partner of KnowBe4 products and services. KnowBe4 is the world’s leader in security training, which is fast becoming one of the highest training priorities in the law firm industry due to the vast amounts of sensitive client data that we must keep secure.

KnowBe4 not only offers its own state-of-the-art phishing campaign platform and other products, but it also partners with other cutting-edge security companies to offer relevant and (gasp!) entertaining security training content. In this way, KnowBe4 helps its clients stay five steps ahead of the criminals.

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What Training Products and Services Does KnowBe4 Offer?

I’m glad you asked! Please see this handy illustration to better understand all of the training content, features and delivery methods that KnowBe4 offers.

Additionally, KnowBe4 Recently Announced the Following Enhancements

New Phishing TemplatesNew phishing templates and standard landing pages have been added to the company’s gold-standard phishing platform in the following languages:

  • Malay
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

Twist & ShoutKnowBe4 has partnered with Twist & Shout, makers of seriously funny and entertaining films for businesses, on their Restricted Intelligence show. The videos cover a wide range of social engineering tactics employed by cyber criminals. (When your employees laugh, they will remember what you’re teaching them!)

Specifically for IT Professionals

One new training module was added to the Privileged User Security Series:

  • Secure Windows Administration
  • This course covers the important aspects of Microsoft Windows that will help IT staff do a better job in managing the privileges they’ve been granted and help them avoid mistakes that could endanger your enterprise.

    Popcorn Training Adds Content

    Popcorn Training, another KnowBe4 partner, added two new micro-modules:

    • Compliance Series: Acceptable Use Policy
    • Secure Coding 2018: Episode 1 – Very Early and Often

    Popcorn Training’s mission is based in the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Therefore, their training modules use animation and emotional connections to create content that sticks.

    exploqiiKnowBe4 partner exploqii added one new video module: “Disinformation

    Hints, Exaggerations, Lies: Disinformation has many faces.”

    In addition to the creation of bespoke explanatory animation videos, exploqii provides a multi-lingual library of pre-produced, 2-minute educational videos in the categories of cybersecurity, security, data privacy and compliance. The videos treat over 50 subjects in 24 languages with more than one million client video views. Their unique content provides users with visual-based training to enhance their understanding of security topics such as phishing, ransomware, social engineering – and more.

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