Phrases People HATE to See in Their In-Boxes

Did you see the recent study released by Adobe? It had me cracking up (and thinking “been there”) so I thought I’d share some of the highlights with you.

First, let’s do a one-question quiz.

What phrase drives you the craziest when you see it in your email inbox?

A. “Not sure if you saw my last email.”

B. “Per my last email.”

C. “Any update on this?”

D. “Re-attaching for convenience.”

If you checked “A,” then you voted with 25% of Adobe’s 1000 respondents who said, “Not sure if you saw my last email,” was the single most annoying phrase to see in their inbox.

Here’s how the rest of the phrases stacked up:

  • Per my last email: 13%
  • Per our conversation: 11%
  • Any update on this: 11%
  • Sorry for the double email: 10%
  • Please advise: 9%
  • As previously stated: 9%
  • As discussed: 6%
  • Re-attaching for convenience: 6%

Do you know someone who uses these phrases all the time? You might want to ping this article over to them!

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