Automated On-Boarding: Bye-Bye Zombie Apocalypse, Hello Ready-to-Work Recruits!

Ohhhhhhh, lookee there! It’s a fresh new crop of attorneys joining the firm! Aren’t they cute in their wide-eyed excitement over the cases they’ll handle, the team of Cracker Jack attorneys they’re joining, the new suits they bought…

But someone’s got to train them in the “Ways of The Firm.” And this process is seemingly endless because there are always new, wide-eyed attorneys walking in the door! To the HR and IT teams responsible for their care and feeding, this line of recruits can start to feel like the Zombie Apocalypse!

Free up their (your?) time with an automated on-boarding process so that these professionals can spend their time on things that advance the firm’s capabilities and vision!

How to Automate the On-Boarding Process

Below, I’m going to outline the steps you can take to automate your law firm’s on-boarding process. Use it as a handy checklist and, once you’ve reached the end, you’ll discover that your HR and IT people are much happier, more productive, strategically focused people.

Get a Learning Management System

If you don’t have one already, you need an LMS. Honestly, the LMS is the heartbeat of this entire automation process because a robust LMS can…

  • Store all of your on-boarding training materials
  • Enable your HR and IT teams to create learning pathways using that training content
  • “Feed” the new recruits these training materials in the proper order and pace
  • Track each individual recruit’s achievements as they make their way through the materials
  • Test each recruit’s knowledge
  • Report on each recruit’s achievements and weaknesses

Imagine a day when your HR people could simply send a link, username and password to each new recruit and say, “Complete this before your first day in the office. See you in two weeks!”

Then, the people who show up on their first day look less like the Zombie Apocalypse and more like attorneys ready to get to work.

(Aside: Savvy offers an award-winning, affordable LMS. Just sayin’.)

Training Content

If you don’t already have training content in the hopper, you’ll need to create it or buy it. Ideally, this content would be continuously updated and loaded automatically into your LMS. (That’s a huge endeavor but, as you can probably guess, Savvy has outstanding content available, too!) Oh, and make sure that your training program includes security awareness training so that your recruits don’t come in, click some spam and unleash ransomware on their first day. That would be a bad day.

Benefits of an Automated On-Boarding Process

  • Consistency in materials covered by every recruit
  • Speedier on-boarding
  • Improved efficiency firm-wide
  • HR and IT professionals who can focus their attention on weightier, more strategic tasks

Curious about how you might automate your law firm on-boarding process? Want a free demo of the Savvy LMS or training materials? Contact me pronto!, 303-800-5408


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