How to Get the Most Out of ILTACON 2017


Who is getting excited about ILTACON 2017?! I am! I am!

This is the 40th annual ILTACON and it’s being held August 13-17 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. If you’re already booked and planning to attend, make sure to visit Savvy at Booth 808. If you’re not already booked… what are you waiting for? This is literally the best place for legal professionals to network, beef up their skills, discover management and tech trends, hear from the industry’s top thinkers, and get cool swag!

In my “prior life,” I served as COO of a mid-sized law firm; I remember how it can start to feel like you’re working in a vacuum if you don’t pop your head up out of the day-to-day sometimes. Attending the ILTACON conference can refresh you, re-ignite your excitement for what you do, supply you with new ideas, and remind you that there are other people out there fighting the same battles you are.

In the end, we are all trying to advance our firm’s capabilities and improve our service to clients. Being with other people who have respect for your role can serve you well on many, many levels.

I thought I’d share a few ideas of how you can best take advantage of ILTACON this year. I’ve attended this conference many times wearing different hats (law firm insider vs vendor) and I find that the following efforts help me to come away with the most bang for my buck.

How to Get the Most Out of ILTACON 2017

  • Identify Your Biggest Challenges: Take 30 minutes before you leave home to think about the biggest challenges you face in your firm. Perhaps you need new ways to get upper-management buy-in on the goals you’ve been assigned. Or you might need new technologies to support your efforts. Maybe you’re involved in an acquisition and need help redefining your goals and best practices. Write down your biggest challenges.
  • Look Online for Speakers, Activities or Vendors Who Can Help: Get onto the ILTACON website and check out the following links to help you identify the people you need to meet and the events you should attend:
  • Overall Agenda
  • Focus on the Keynote Speakers (they rock)
  • Check out all of the other Speakers. There are a ton!
  • Plan to attend one of the many Networking Events. You can pick an event for people just like you!
  • Get Out and Play! Sign up for golf or yoga or Zumba! You truly do deserve a breather!
  • Take Advantage of the Buddy System: Whether you’re an ILTACON rookie or a seasoned veteran, you should check out the ILTACON Buddy System. Rookies will learn from veterans and veterans will experience a new ILTACON through the eyes of their Buddy.
  • Visit Vendors: I know this may seem self-serving since, well, I’m a vendor! But even when I was COO, I made sure I walked every aisle of the vendor floor because that’s where I discovered the people and technologies who could help me work better, stronger, faster. Also, bring your list of challenges to the vendor floor and find the people and companies that seem like good fits for helping you. I can tell you that the vendors who serve the ILTA community are very smart, passionate people who truly like talking about what you need and helping you to solve your biggest headaches.
  • Visit Savvy at Booth 808! I’d love to chat about your law firm training program and to tell you about the many products and services that we offer small- to mid-size law firms. If you can’t seem to find me, call me at 303-800-5408.

If you follow this roadmap, you’ll be going to ILTACON with a plan. It means that you will be in charge of what you will learn rather than drifting around and learning by accident.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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