CASE STUDY: Miller & Martin PLLC Chooses SavvySMART Content Library

Miller & Martin PLLC Chooses SavvySMART Content Library


“Not only would I recommend Savvy to other firms, I have recommended Savvy and will continue to do so. I believe in Savvy: its people, its content and its approach are top notch.”

– Angie Kinsey, Software Support and Training Manager, Miller & Martin PLLC


  • CLIENT Angie Kinsey, Software Support and Training Manager Miller & Martin PLLC
  • CHALLENGE The firm sought to purchase a content library that would be updated continuously with new, relevant training materials at a reasonable price, enabling training to move forward more consistently across the firm.
  • SOLUTION: SavvySMART content library. Miller & Martin has renewed annually for three years in a row.
  • RESULTS: Training Manager Angie Kinsey explains: “The trainer is expected to be an expert on anything and everything. But being an expert on numerous applications, many of which are only used by a handful of people, is very difficult. Trainers don’t know everything but the best trainers I know are resourceful and they are fast learners. SavvySMART was an attempt to help the training staff in numerous ways…”

  • “It serves as a resource for materials. When I say materials, I mean materials GALORE.”
  • “Savvy was (and still is) a true legal-specific training cafeteria. If you don’t know something, watch a video and turn yourself into an expert. If you need something and it’s not there, ask Doug and Terry.”
  • “For me, the people at Savvy are the number one reason to purchase SavvySMART. I have met many Savvy employees and I like every single one of them. They have all been professional and honest with me. Savvy folks have never been pushy but always there when you need them.”
  • “I find the Savvy content simple, accurate, legal-specific, concise and extremely easy to follow.”
  • “Cost is always a factor and Savvy is very reasonably priced.”
  • “The Savvy staff is responsive and exceptionally helpful. I really do feel like they care about my success and value my input.”
  • “I have used Savvy content here for cheat sheets, reference guides for group training sessions and have even given Savvy content to staff in response to help desk calls. I have used sample documents from the library in classroom trainings. I’ve also held short webinars utilizing some of their tips and tricks documents.”
  • “I do believe it is important to shop around. I have shopped around. I’ve got the t-shirts to prove it. But there is something about Savvy that sets them apart. There is a real genuineness to them.”
  • Angie also utilizes Savvy’s social community, available to all current subscribers to the SavvyAcademy LMS and the SavvySMART Content Library. Through a dedicated LinkedIn page, Savvy clients share tips on how to use Savvy products but they also share challenges and successes that their firm has experienced. This has become a professional peer-to-peer group that helps firms and trainers solve challenges and issues by providing them with access to hundreds of people from firms all over the country.
  • Angie reports: “The Savvy customer base is a networking dream.”


Savvy Training & Consulting works with leading companies and technologies to deliver the most up-to-date training solutions and curricula to law firms. Savvy recently unveiled an award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) for law firms, SavvyAcademyTM, which delivers scalable training capabilities, reportable data down to the individual user and 24/7 support, all for a fraction of the cost of traditional LMS services.


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