Is Your Writing Communicating What You Want it To?

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Savvy is offering two webinars this fall to help you refine and polish your writing regularly and with ease. If you think that proofreading is just for client work, or that your emails aren’t important enough for proper etiquette and proofreading, then these webinars are for you. Because: Every word and every impression counts.

Proofreading: It’s Not Just for Contracts

Oct 8, 2:00 – 3:00 pm EDT

Is proofreading easy for you? Recently, in the middle of a very busy day, I emailed a senior partner at our firm. The email began: Dear Dad….. (His name was Thad, by the way…) Thankfully, he had a sense of humor! But – their is power in proofreading! (Spot the error?) This session will provide practical tips on proofreading that you may have strayed from and introduce new ones you may not have considered.

Email Etiquette: Did You Mean for it to Read That Way?

Nov 10, 2:00 – 3:00 pm EDT

Picture this: You have written a long explanatory email to a supervisor, full of proof that you have spent the last 6 months exceeding all expectations. Your supervisor responds, “Fine.” 

FINE? Fine! Fine? How, exactly, are you supposed to take that?

“They” have said for years that email was going to go away. It hasn’t and it won’t. Email has become the premium medium for communication – even when it might not be the most appropriate. As one writer put it, “Email is the right communication medium for matters of relatively low importance. It’s great for sharing information. It’s awful for important conversations.” And yet we continue to make email the mainstay of our communications. 

This session will provide practical tips on email etiquette that will bring you back to the basics and review the RESPECT acronym to help you write more successful, meaningful emails. 

The difference between our intent and impact can be vast. Learn how to make your intent clear.

Make sure you’re writing is top notch every time. Register today!


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