Microsoft Word Training for Law Firms

boost efficiency with Microsoft Word training for law firms

Out of all the fancy technologies available to law firms today, I would argue that none is more important than Microsoft Word. Yes, Word is a technology and it is the most ubiquitous in the legal landscape. Yet very few attorneys and their support staff know how to use Word to its maximum potential. They need Microsoft Word training for law firms.

Why is it important for attorneys and staff to use Word efficiently and effectively? A recent article in Law Technology Today covered a lot of the reasons. I will summarize:

  • Often the document created by an attorney is the actual service rendered to the client. Think: estate planning documents, contracts, leases, etc. If the document is flawed, the service is flawed. Even sloppy formatting can impact client understanding of the work, and causes them to doubt an attorney’s competence. (Yes, a mistake in your table of contents can make you look incompetent.)
  • Wasting time on formatting tasks that could be done automatically by Word is unethical. When you waste client time because you don’t know how to use a tool (Word) correctly, you should not be paid for that time. (Also, just because you’ve been using Word for decades does not mean you use it well.)
  • Lawyers need to be able to do more with Word themselves. The article states: “As a lawyer, if you decide to master a single program, it should be the word processor. The standard procedure of: dictation, transcription, edit/modify, enter corrections, edit/modify, enter corrections is the most inefficient means possible of producing documents. It may be the way it’s been done for years, but it’s still extremely inefficient. The only less efficient method would be to write the first draft out long-hand on legal pads instead of dictating it. Anyway, be self-reliant and fast, and you’ll get a lot more done, you’ll bill more hours and you’ll reduce your costs.”

For all of these reasons and more, you need Microsoft Word training for law firms.

Who Offers Microsoft Word Training for Law Firms?

I’m glad you asked! Savvy Training & Consulting is the only training vendor that offers content specifically for the legal industry. Our SavvySMART Content Library is written specifically for lawyers and their support staff. How is this possible? Because our content authors have worked in law firms and they understand the types of unique documents you must create for clients and judges. 

We also know that you are under tremendous time pressures, so learning must also be an efficient process. Therefore, our Microsoft Word training for law firms delivers content the way you need it, including:

  • User training manuals
  • Instructor manuals
  • Quick reference guides
  • Workbooks and exercises
  • eLearning tutorials
  • eLearning quizzes
  • Recorded webinars
  • And more…

Best of all, we continuously update the content, which is good since Microsoft is always tinkering and making changes.

When you subscribe to the SavvySMART Content Library, you own the content and we update it continuously. (We will never take it away from you, like some other training content providers.)

Would you like to see what our SavvySMART Content Library includes? Book a demo today!


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