Wicked Windows & Word Wizardry!

this image shows the title "wicked windows & word wizardry." it is for a webinar covering MS Word hacks

Announcing the next in the Savvy/Kraft Kennedy free webinar series!

June 9, 12-12:30 pm ET

Learn how to maximize your time and work more efficiently by using not-so-commonly known Windows shortcut key combinations like “Windows”+I, “Windows”+P, “Windows”+Any Number Key.  Also, some cool and useful shortcut key combinations for Word like CTRL+F4, ALT+F4, and SHIFT+F3.  Stop moving your hand back and forth from the mouse to your keyboard back to your mouse and back to your keyboard!  Use these shortcut keys to simplify your life!

This session is presented by Savvy Training & Consulting and Kraft Kennedy as part of our series of monthly, free educational webinars.

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