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I pretty much love all things Bob Ambrogi. Bob combines a legal brain with journalism chops and tech savvy to study and analyze and dissect the legal profession. And he makes us better. Take, for example, his long-standing tally of states that have adopted the duty of technology competence for lawyers. (It stands at 40.) Most recently, he launched LawNext Legal Technology Directory, and I thought I’d help spread the word.

For the Directory’s launch, Ambrogi stated: “Our goal is to continue to develop this into a comprehensive directory of products, reviews, learning resources, and more, where buyers can find trusted information to guide their purchases, and where vendors can help their products be discovered and distinguished.”

SavvyAcademy LMS Clients: Please Review Us!

At this point, I’d humbly like to ask any current SavvyAcademy LMS user to review us at LawNext. Click hereor copy this link:

Savvy is blessed with some of the best client relationships in the industry and I’d love to get the word out in Bob Ambrogi’s directory!

Why LawNext?

But I digress. Back to the topic at hand: Why is LawNext so important to today’s legal industry?

If you attended the recent ALA National Conference, or plan to attend ILTA, you know that the options for vendor support are limitless! From the coffee you drink to the collections companies who get your bills paid to the tech companies that streamline your operations, you have a bajillion options. How do you choose? That is where LawNext can help.

Ambrogi said, “Our goal with the LawNext Legal Technology Directory is to provide comprehensive, intuitively categorized listings and descriptions of legal tech products and services, enhanced with verified user reviews, third-party news coverage, and editorial curation and commentary. 

We will cover all segments and sizes of the market – from large to small firms, to corporate, government and legal services, to consumers, and we will be the only legal tech directory to incorporate both verified user reviews and editorial coverage of products and companies, with coverage drawn from both this blog and a range of third-party blogs and publications.”

My favorite part of this directory is the verified user reviews. So many of Savvy’s product inquiries come from word-of-mouth because our current clients love us so much. LawNext takes that advantage and juices it with steroids. 

I think this directory can add a level of accountability to vendors and help potential clients find the best options for their firms. Check it out!


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