Use an LMS for New Hire Training at Your Law Firm

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New hire training at your law firm: It can seem like Groundhog Day. With the revolving door of today’s marketplace, law firms are constantly saying goodbye to employees and hiring their replacements. 

While new blood can infuse a firm with energy and new ideas, it can also disrupt systems and efficiency. 

Seasoned attorneys who join your firm have their own way of doing things, which may throw a monkey wrench into your firm’s systems. Fresh-faced new attorneys may know all the latest technologies and software programs but have zero idea how to apply it properly in your environment. 

Your new hires need to be trained in “The Company Way,” and fast! 

Use an LMS to Streamline New Hire Training

The most obvious way to streamline this constant training demand is through a Learning Management System that you can roll-out for each new hire and then also customize to each hire’s specific needs. Here are some benefits of using a robust LMS for new hire training: 

  • Consistency: With a well-defined set of materials and training programs that each new hire must read, you know that you are training everyone in the same way. 
  • Accountability: With an LMS, you can track whether a new hire is studying the expected materials. 
  • Trackable/reportable benchmarks: You can track a new hire’s progress and create reports on their actual success. 
  • Test skills: An LMS can help you test a new hire’s competence with the skills you have assigned. 
  • Rewards: Once the new hire achieves proficiency in each skill set, you can reward him or her with a certificate or office-wide kudos. 

And, of course, having one universal system for new hire training means that you have saved time and money. (There are also many other ways that your firm can use a learning management system, such as this, and this, and this.)

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