Training Library for Law Firms: Critical to Training Success

training library for law firms

Let’s say you go out and buy a spiffy new car. Man, it is tricked OUT! Great stereo, leather, automatic everything, as many USB ports as cup holders… but there’s no engine. That’s what it’s like when you have an awesome learning management system and no content. Or, using the same analogy, when that car’s engine is owned by someone else and they randomly yank it out of your car, leaving you with a nice, spiffy shell.

That’s why you should own a training library for law firms. And that content should be continuously updated by the creator, even after you’ve purchase it.

Let’s list the top 7 things you should expect in your training library for law firms

  1. It should work in virtually any learning management system
  2. It should be fully customizable to include your firm’s brand and protocols. 
  3. You should be able to buy it once and own it forever. 
  4. You should receive continuous updates included in your purchase. (And you should even have a voice in the updates you receive.) 
  5. It should include e-learning videos, quick reference guides and topical manuals
  6. It should offer trainings on most legal-specific applications, including document management systems, PDF software, all Microsoft products and much more. 
  7. It should come with the best customer service imaginable.

SavvySMART Content Library for Law Firms

Savvy Training & Consulting has always offered its content (SavvySMART Content Library) as a stand-alone product. And SavvySMART is the customizable, use-it-the-way-you-want-it, continuously updated, law firm-specific content that many trainers, HR professionals and law firm managers are seeking today.

At Savvy, we truly want to help you achieve your goals! There is no way we would deliver content to you and then yank it out from under your feet or let it go stale. You buy it, you own it. And we will literally update that content continuously with trainings for software updates, new techniques and helpful tips as long as you remain a subscriber.

We think SavvySMART is the ultimate training content. But don’t take my word for it… here is what SavvySMART clients say…

“Savvy has well-written and easy-to-follow reference guides and training modules. Their content covers a wide range of legal application topics including Microsoft Office, Kofax/Nuance, iManage, etc. As an added benefit of the Training Library, Savvy conducts free webinars on a wide range of technology applications. Savvy has served our firm well with relevant written content and on-demand training options.” Eileen Kelly, Director of IT

“Savvy’s content and LMS are exactly what we need. They understand the legal industry, so their materials and delivery system are much more effective with lawyers and legal staff.”  Robin Gipson, Training and Development Manager

“SavvySMART Content Library was (and still is) a true legal-specific training cafeteria. If you don’t know something, watch a video and turn yourself into an expert. If you need something and it’s not there, ask the Savvy experts.” Angie Kinsey, Training Manager

“Our people like using the Savvy content. I’ve never received anything other than 4 or 5 stars on the feedback generator.” Dan Bressler, Senior Technical Trainer

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