Training Content for Law Firms: We’re Keeping It Warm for You!

I recently did a demo of our SavvySMART Content Library and the comments made me realize even more reasons why our training library for law firms is so great. As Savvy’s Chief of Instructional Design, I personally feel like we have the best content library out there, but I learned that even I was taking some of our best features for granted.

Here’s what happened…

During the demo, I walked several prospective clients through the content library, sharing some of our most popular training subjects, including Office 365 and 2019, Document Management Systems, PDF software and Windows 10.

After sharing specific content areas, I drilled down to show them how each course works. Several of the participants commented specifically on these features:

  • Our e-Learning videos contain a Table of Contents so people can jump forward to the topic they need.
  • Our quizzes allow learners to test their knowledge of the topic.
  • Our workbooks allow users to do hands-on practice.

After the demo, the participants said things like, “This is so well thought-out and comprehensive.”

Well, yeah! The Instructional Designer in me was feeling the pride. But this reminded me that not everyone has seen a cohesive library where the pieces and parts are designed to work together.

Additionally, in our training content for law firms, users aren’t required to slog through every piece of information in a video or course just to get the tidbits they actually need. The SavvySMART Content Library is like choosing from a buffet: pick what you want, and we’ll keep the rest warm until you’re hungry for learning again!

Allow Me to Boast a Bit More!

But wait! There’s more! (I feel like I’m becoming Doug Striker, our CEO, whom we lovingly call “Dealin’ Doug.” Those in Colorado will understand the reference.)

SavvySMART content also includes:

  • 1,000+ unique pieces of training materials
  • E-learning videos
  • Quick reference guides
  • Topical user and instruction manuals
  • Training for most legal-specific applications, including document management systems, PDF platforms, Microsoft and much more

And the SavvySMART Content Library features all of the following:

  • Works in virtually any LMS: SavvySMART is designed to be compatible with nearly every LMS, though, of course, we recommend the SavvyAcademy LMS.
  • Continuous updates: We provide ongoing updates to the SavvySMART content and, as our client, you have a voice in the updates we create. (I send emails to clients every Friday to share our updates.)
  • Developed in Adobe Captivate: Enjoy rich content in responsive e-Learning formats to more fully engage your staff in the learning process.
  • You buy it, you own it: Once you purchase SavvySMART, you own SavvySMART. Unlike some other content providers, we won’t ever take the content away.
  • Private Yammer community: As a member of the Savvy community, you can participate in our private Yammer group of law firm colleagues who share ideas and insights into the ever-changing training industry.
  • Free webinar access: As a Savvy subscriber, you get free access to our popular public webinars, which we offer to nonsubscribers for $99.

If you need a content library for your law firm and you’re looking for the topics and features above – and service that will knock your socks off – contact Savvy today!


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