Top 10 Reasons to Partner with Savvy Training & Consulting

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We’ve done a lot of Top 10 lists in the Savvy blog, but I recently realized we’ve never done one to toot our own horn. And let me tell you, there is a lot to toot about. With every year that passes in Savvy’s 20+-year history, we get better and better at serving the legal industry. So, I thought I’d share some of the things that we at Savvy are most proud of, and why we think we are the best training partner for law firms. Hands down.

1. Exceptional customer service

I’m not going to be humble here… our customers are blown away by our desire to serve. We are ultra-responsive to calls and emails from our clients (whom we affectionately call “fri-ents,” friends + clients). We develop genuine relationships with the people we serve, and they trust us to follow through on our promises.

2. Comprehensive training

Savvy Training & Consulting offers a wide range of training programs designed specifically for law firms. These programs cover everything from basic software usage to advanced legal technology platforms. 

3. Award-winning Learning Management System

The SavvyAcademy LMS is an award-winning LMS, powered by LearnUpon. This cloud-based platform gives law firm trainers the flexibility, customization and tracking features they need for a robust law firm training program.

4. Training library exclusively written for legal professionals

The SavvySMART Content Library is the only continuously updated technology training program written exclusively for the legal industry. It comes automatically loaded in the SavvyAcademy LMS, or as a stand-alone technology training library.

5. Expert consultants

In addition to its training services, Savvy Training & Consulting offers expert consultationto help firms optimize their technology investments. This includes advice on software selection, implementation planning, and process optimization. With this guidance, law firms can streamline their workflows and improve their overall efficiency.

6. Consistent and scalable training:

Savvy Training & Consulting’s training programs and products are designed to be consistent and scalable, ensuring that all users receive the appropriate level of training regardless of their location or experience level. This helps to ensure that firms are maximizing the value of their technology investments and minimizing the risk of errors or inefficiencies.

7. Ongoing support

Savvy Training & Consulting offers ongoing support to ensure that law firms are able to get the most out of their technology investments over time. 

8. Focus on legal technology

Savvy Training & Consulting’s focus on legal technology sets it apart from other training providers. We understand the unique challenges that law firms face when it comes to technology adoption, and we are able to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

9. Strong reputation

Savvy Training & Consulting has a strong reputation in the legal industry, with many satisfied clients and positive reviews. We are a trusted partner for law firms looking to improve their technology proficiency and gain a competitive edge.

10. Savvy’s Core Values

Last but definitely not least, I believe that the Savvy team adheres to and honors our company’s stated Core Values. By remaining true to these values, we know that every relationship we enter into will be positive, and that our future will continue to look bright.

    If you are seeking a law firm training partner, I humbly (sort of) submit to you that Savvy Training & Consulting is the absolute best choice for your training needs. Contact us today!


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