At Savvy, We’re Hard-Wired to Create Exceptional Relationships

There’s a big difference between “good customer service” as a company marketing asset and “good customer service” that grows organically as a result of a hiring process that seeks people who are genuine helpers, givers, servers, doers. At Savvy, we DELIGHT in providing good customer service because each and every one of us is wired to serve.

From our content writers to our trainers to our sales team to our LMS support team, each of us is like a Labrador retriever – constantly ready to go get the ball! (This weekend, I saw a Weimaraner playing fetch and we may actually be more like that eager breed! But I digress…)

Today, I thought I’d provide a glimpse behind the curtain in one of our busiest departments – Content Development and Distribution.

Terry Aurit (who is legendary among existing Savvy customers) not only leads our training content development team, but communicates individually and in group settings with each of our customers, helping them to understand what these frenetic software platforms are doing (I’m looking at you, Microsoft) and what Savvy is working on to support their law firm learning programs.

Every Friday, Terry sends an email titled “Backstage Pass” to all of our existing customers, sharing information about all the new law firm training content we’ve created in just the past week. Additionally, she sends weekly emails about vendors we support, such as KnowBe4 security awareness training.

Below, I’ve shared just a few snippets from some of Terry’s recent emails. I think you’ll see that, not only are we working like hamsters in wheels to generate helpful content 24/7 for our customers, but the upbeat, helpful tone of Terry’s emails reveals another layer of Savvy’s natural desire to maintain exceptional client relationships.

If you’re not receiving Weimaraner-esque customer service from your current content provider, you should contact Savvy!

Date: December 2019

Subject: Join Us for SSCL December Quarterly Meeting

The end of the year is near,

Oh dear!

But, have no fear…

Don’t shed a tear…

Our quarterly update meeting is here!

(With apologies to Dr. Seuss)

For our newer subscribers, this is when we go through the new and updated content that has been deployed in the past three months. I’ll be providing you with a link to the master SavvySMART Content Library folder. This will allow you to blend the new or updated content into any local file folders you might be maintaining.

I hope you can join us, but we’ll also be recording.

Date: December 2019

Subject: Backstage Pass – Week Ended 12 06 19

Guess what?! It’s Friday… and you know what that means. More updates from Savvy!

New Content


We had a terrific webinar on OneNote for Windows 10. Our participants agreed that they learned some new things – isn’t that fun?!

This course will be copied into all SavvyAcademy LMS portals in Draft mode.

Ongoing new content creation:

We continue to churn out Word 365 and Word 2019 courses. Please check the folders in ShareFile for updates, or just ask me. I’m happy to give you the guided tour.

Ongoing content “facelift”:

In addition, we are still working on re-recording the eLearning modules for Office 2016. There are new files available on a regular basis. If you want help accessing the new files, just let me know.

As always, please let us know if you have questions or need help locating that special content (the holiday gift-giving season IS coming up and what could be more thoughtful than a new training course for your learners?!). 😊

Date: December 2019

Subject: Backstage Pass – Week Ended 12 14 19

Hi Everyone,

New Courses:

We already had print material for OneNote for Windows 10 (not to be confused with the desktop OneNote applications!) and we’ve started production on the eLearning components. There will be four more courses in this series, and I hope we can get it all wrapped in time for Boxing Day!

If you use the SavvyAcademy LMS and want us to place these courses into your portal, please let us know (draft or published, please).

Enjoy and may the peace of the season catch up with your frenzy!

Date: January 2020

Subject: Backstage Pass, Week Ended 01 03 20

Happy New Year!!

I hope your celebrations were fun and safe. I had a BLAST updating our content. 😊

New Content:

We have added Instructor Manuals to the library for Word 365 and Word 2019 Basics (100-level courses). These are found in the relevant folders in ShareFile.

MORE New Content:

We’ve also started our Outlook 365 series. The materials are in the Microsoft Office 365 folder in the master SavvySMART Content Library in ShareFile.

If you use the SavvyAcademy LMS and want us to add this series to your portal, please let us know.

MORE MORE New Content:

We’ve been talking about the fact that Microsoft introduced OneNote for Windows 10. They plan to freeze the desktop version at 2016, without enhancements, and focus on the Windows app version. We have created eLearning Videos, Quizzes, Topical Manuals, and Quick Reference Guides for this series.

Again, if you use the SavvyAcademy LMS and want us to add this series to your portal, please let us know.

Let’s hear it for 2020!!! To our great fri-ents (friends/clients), we wish you a great New Year.

Would you like to learn more about Savvy’s content and Learning Management System? Contact us today!


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