Savvy’s Tips & Tricks: October 2021

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Tips include: 1) Include static meeting link in email message, 2) “Customize Quick Access Toolbar” shortcut, 3) Copy/print file list, 4) Converting an erroneous “Next Page Section Break” to a “Continuous Section Break”

Do you have a meeting room or static meeting ID that you want to easily provide, but don’t want it in your signature?  In other words, do you want to control when and to whom it is sent?  Sounds like a job for Quick Parts.  Remember, you can copy and save any block of text (including a link) to a Quick Part.

Drop the URL and phone info into an open email message.  Copy it and navigate to the Insert tab of the message.  From the Text group, choose Quick Parts.  At the bottom of the gallery, select Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.  Provide a name and you can easily access it with a couple of clicks.  In fact, I keep the Quick Parts shortcut on my Quick Access Toolbar – it’s always waiting for me!

“Customize Quick Access Toolbar” Shortcut
(Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Some of us like to switch out the commands on the Quick Access Toolbar (“QAT”) based on a short-term need.  Did you know you can put a shortcut on the QAT that launches the Customize Quick Access Toolbar page?  

To add the command, do one of the following:

  • Click on the drop-down at the end of the QAT and select More Commands.
  • Click on the File tab, select Options, and choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

Then, perform the following steps:

  1. Click in the Choose commands from: drop-down and select Commands Not in the Ribbon.


Copy/Print File List (File Explorer)

Some of us remember how easy it was to print a list of all files in a folder from within WordPerfect.  Alas, for most of us, that is not an option in our Microsoft-centric work environments.

To copy a list of ALL files (or selected files) from within File Explorer, perform the following steps:

  1. Launch Explorer and display the folder.
  2. If you want to print a list of ALL items in the folder, press Ctrl+A.  Otherwise, use Ctrl+Click to select the items.
  3. Press and hold the Shift key while right-clicking on one of the files.
  4. Select Copy as path.  (This option is only available when the Shift key is pressed before right-clicking.)


Converting an Erroneous “Next Page Section Break” to a “Continuous Section Break” (Word)

There are times when you purposefully insert a Continuous Section Break, but Word decides to convert it to a Next Page Section Break.

This often leads to unintended pagination issues!

To fix this, place your cursor anywhere BELOW the rogue break and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Layout tab.
  2. Open the Page Setup dialog box (by clicking on the dialog box launcher in the lower-right corner of the Page Setup group).



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