It’s National Paralegal Day!

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To all those paralegals out there, it’s your day!

Savvy is honored to work with and for paralegals across the legal industry and we know they are the engines that make a law firm productive and profitable.

History of National Paralegal Day

Paralegals weren’t always “a thing,” as they say. Of course, there have always been assistants in law firms who could prepare and copy boatloads of legal documents like wills, real estate closings, affidavits and more, assisting attorneys with cases and trial prep and working with clients. But in the 70s, there was a general feeling among these professionals that despite their expertise, attorneys didn’t always respect that work. 

In 1973, the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) produced a series of seminars and workshops for people who helped lawyers in law offices. Eventually,  the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) brought in about 15 other member organizations, established a code of ethics for paralegals and created a task force on credentialing criteria. Today the NFPA is comprised of 50 member organizations and 9000 individual members. 

Savvy Tips Its Hat to You

Most of the training we provide to law firms is dedicated to paralegals, whom we have found to be an extremely curious, bright, and ambitious bunch of people. Their desire for continued learning is inspiring.

So today, paralegals, Savvy tips its hat to you. Thanks for all you do!


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