Savvy Delivers LTA and BOTA in SCORM Format

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We have long heard that law firms want to use the Legal Technology Assessment (LTA) and Basic Office Technology Assessment (BOTA) to assess their job candidates, current staff, and attorneys. But, because the content wouldn’t work on their learning management system (LMS), they didn’t have a way to store, deliver and report on individual users’ results.

GOOD NEWS! Savvy worked with a team hired by Procertas, the company that offers both LTA and BOTA, to make both libraries SCORM-compliant.

What are LTA and BOTA?

  • LTA: The Legal Technology Assessment is a benchmark assessment and training platform. The results of a user’s LTA score can be used for marketing, professional development, on-boarding, rate negotiation, invoice review and more. Above all, however, benchmarked scores can be used to ensure legal professionals are getting the training they need on the technologies they use every day.
  • BOTA: The Basic Office Technology Assessment is often marketed as an assessment tool for law school students, but we believe it is also a powerful new hire assessment tool for law firms. BOTA pairs competence-based assessments with synchronous, active training in order to provide an effective, hands-on learning experience.

Finally, a Way to Assess Competency

HR professionals and trainers are constantly asked if they can prove a person is competent at fundamental tasks required in law firm productivity, such as skills in Word Styles, building a Table of Contents, formatting cells in Excel, redacting text in PDF, or building a PowerPoint slide.

Now, delivering that proof is easy. Not only does the LTA enable you to assess the final product of a person’s efforts, but also how long it took them to arrive at that final product. Proving not only, “Can you do this?” but also, “Did you do it efficiently?”

If your job candidate professes expertise in Excel, make them prove it. If a legal secretary takes 30 minutes to build a TOC, find out why and then train them for efficiency. 

Perhaps most importantly, you can prove to your clients that their attorneys are not burning hours on fundamental skills. Your attorneys can earn the following certifications, which your marketing team can then use to prove your firm’s ethical use of client time:

  • Word Contract
  • Word Brief
  • Word Memo
  • Excel for Law
  • PDF for Law
  • PowerPoint for Law
  • BlueBook Citation

Assess AND Train

The LTA and BOTA are not merely assessment tools. If a skill weakness is identified, users can review modules referred to as “Trainers,” which provide videos to demonstrate specific tasks. The learner can then practice without receiving a score, ultimately learning the skills necessary to pass the assessments.

Savvy Has Exclusive Sales Rights

Because of our investment in the process to convert the LTA and BOTA libraries to SCORM, Savvy Training & Consulting has exclusive rights to sell the product to the legal industry.

Free, 15-Minute Demo

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