Savvy Completes Your Law Firm Training Masterpiece

Image is a closeup of a messy painter's palette covered in many colors. It accompanies a story on law firm training program and training content for law firms.

If you’re a law firm trainer tasked with creating a curriculum for your law firm training program, you are like a master painter. There is a universe of colors (training topics) for you to choose from, which is exciting and also intimidating. What will you add to your palette? Which colors are mandatory for this masterwork you’re creating, and which colors are the perfect accents? And where on earth do you find all of the shades that you need?

The SavvySMART Content Library (SSCL) is the law firm trainer’s paint shop! (Am I taking this metaphor too far? Stay with me here…) Our content library offers all of the common colors that trainers need to build a solid foundation for their training program. From there, you can easily blend in your own custom content to make a masterpiece that is perfect for your law firm.

The most commonly needed content (primary colors) for a law firm training program:

All of these training topics are available in the SSCL.

  • Microsoft Office: Static versions and Microsoft 365
  • Windows: Versions 7, 10 and 11
  • Document Management System: iManage, NetDocuments, Worldox
  • PDF Software: Adobe Acrobat Pro, Kofax Power PDF, Litera pdfDocs

Additional law firm training content to add shading and interest:

All of these training topics are available in the SSCL.

  • BEC Legal Systems: Legal Bar Styles & Numbering
  • BigHand: Create, HyperStyles
  • Browsers: Edge, Chrome
  • DocuSign: eSignature
  • OneNote: 2016, OneNote for Windows 10
  • Redline Solution: Litera [Workshare] Compare, compareDocs

Complete the masterpiece with your firm’s custom content:

Here are some of the many training topics that we have seen law firms add to their training palette:

  • Time and Billing
  • Docketing
  • Expense Tracking
  • Knowledge Management 
  • Litigation Support
  • Office Add-Ins: Macro & Numbering Suite, Document ID, E-Mail Management
  • Phone System
  • Copiers
  • Internal Messaging

If you are seeking a muse for your law firm training program, contact Savvy today! We can provide all the colors of the rainbow to make your program a masterpiece! (And check out our YouTube channel for quick, free tutorials on some of your favorite topics.)


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