Keep Training: This is a Marathon!

Image shows a large group of marathon runners warming up on a road at sunset. It accompanies an article on law firm training.

Imagine you are training for a marathon. You start training as a rookie runner and, pretty quickly, you see results! Your pace improves steadily, your legs and lungs feel stronger, your confidence grows. Now, imagine that you hit a great stride about two months before the actual marathon and you think, “I feel good. I’ll stop training now and hit that marathon strong in two months.”

No one would do that! 

And yet, that is exactly what a lot of law firms do when they initiate great onboarding training for new hires and then expect employees to coast on that great introduction for the rest of their careers at the firm.

As leadership expert Joseph Lalonde puts it:

“Consider this: You have an employee who has been with you for 15 years. The first year they received amazing attention from you. They felt they were trained well. And, let’s give you credit, they were trained well.

Time goes by, they get busy, and the training stops. They struggle to find time outside of work hours to work on their skills. They begin to slip.

This happens year in and year out. Their skills are now years behind the best in their field. You’re not getting the best out of them.”

But imagine a different scenario, where you commit to building a learning culture at your firm. Instead of a static, old-skills culture, your employees’ skills improveyear over year, and you’ve now got one of the best, most knowledgeable firms in your market.

The Best Law Firm Training is a Marathon

At Savvy, we help law firms at every phase of the training lifecycle. From new hire onboarding, to new tech procurement training, to harassment prevention training, to ongoing basic tech skills-building, to security training, to custom training… and more. We do it all! And we can deliver any of these training projects ala carte.

However, our very favorite training relationship is one based on long-term outcomes. We love working with firms that value a learning culture. These are the firms that understand that they are training for a marathon. Their vision is that their firm will be viable and competitive 10, 20, 50 years from now. Therefore, they set expectations that their employees and attorneys will embrace new technologies, learn to use existing technologies better (even good old Microsoft Word), commit to keeping their firms safe from cybercrime, and build cultures of inclusivity.

That is a vision for a positive, productive future, and Savvy is adept at building training programs that get these firms from the starting block to the ribbon at the finish (50 years from now!).

If you are seeking a partner who can train your firm for the marathon, contact Savvy today.


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