“Humans Are the Easiest Attack Vector”

I recently attended a KnowBe4 quarterly partner webinar and learned three things:

  1. Cybercrime exploded in 2020.
  2. Humans are the #1 target (not firewalls or all the other tech security measures we put in place).
  3. KnowBe4 has released more free tools!

Let’s discuss…

Cybercrime Exploded in 2020

The leaders of the KnowBe4 webinar shared the following statistics:

  • 68% of organizations are experiencing one cyberattack a second (Crowdstrike, 2020)
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks nearly doubled in 2020 – up from 7% to 12% of all spearphishing attacks (Barracuda, 2020)
  • Healthcare saw double the increase in the amount of ransomware attacks since November (Checkpoint, 2020)
  • Google found thousands of phishing sites every day in 2020 (Google 2020)

Humans Are Cybercrime’s #1 Target

According to Tony Jennings, SVP of International and Global Channel Sales for KnowBe4, “The bad guys continue to get smarter. They are organizing.”

He added, “The bad guys are going after the human because it’s the easiest attack vector.”

Simply put, you can throw as many tech walls and alarms up as possible, but you still have to deal with your most vulnerable asset: Humans. And the only way to keep their guard up is to consistently train them and phish them yourself so that you can discover your weakest links.

KnowBe4 Has Released More Free Tools!

Are you having trouble convincing the purse-holders at your firm that you need help protecting the “human vector?” Prove it with hard numbers. KnowBe4 offers a huge variety of free tools that give you data around your firm’s security weaknesses.

  • Phish your law firm for free and learn who is click-happy and who needs training stat
  • Attack your law firm with a ransomware simulator and discover your soft spots
  • Do a weak password test on your firm to learn who is exposing your network with wimpy passwords
  • Much more

Are you aware of a cybersecurity issue in your firm but can’t get management’s attention? Contact Savvy today and we can discuss a free tool that may be able to quantify your fears so that management takes notice. Call (303-800-5408), email or set up a 15- or 30-minute demo today.


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