Harassment Prevention Training for Law Firms

Image shows a white woman putting her hand on a black man's shoulder, which he clearly does not appreciate. This image accompanies a story on harassment prevention training for law firms.

It is extraordinarily hard for HR managers to stay on top of their state’s compliance requirements. And if a law firm has offices in multiple states – bedlam! On top of that, harassment prevention training for law firms can seem like Groundhog Day to learners because many training vendors never update their videos and materials, simply tacking on screens filled with “Updates” at the end of their presentations to accommodate new state rules.

Kantola, on the other hand, rolls out brand new training videos and materials every single year. This is just one of the many reasons that Savvy partners with Kantola to provide harassment prevention training for law firms. Click here to learn how one Savvy client uses Kantola and what they think of it. 

Below, I’ve shared a recent update from Kantola about their harassment prevention training videos. As you’ll see, their work encompasses much more than “checking a box” to make sure you’ve hit your compliance goals – Kantola truly cares about these subjects, and their work truly inspires change in people and work cultures.

Would you like a short demo of Kantola’s compliance and harassment prevention products? Book a 30-minute demo!

What’s new or different in the new harassment prevention training for law firms compared to previous versions? 

  • All main scripted stories are brand new, recently filmed scenes 
  • First person interviews with individuals who represent different identities and protected characteristics: designed to explore what harassment looks like in a real-world context, build empathy for understanding the human cost of harassment, amplify authenticity, and offer concrete actions on how to rectify situations and prevent harassment 
  • Stories showcase remote & hybrid work settings alongside in-person working with a wider range of sources & types of harassment represented than previously 
  • Fresh and nuanced approach to Quid Pro Quo harassment that illustrates the more subtle aspects of harassment in a situation with power imbalance 
  • Increased use of interactive scenes where the learner can choose what the character should say or do – this provides learners immediate feedback about the impact of their choices 
  • Expanded content on the role of a manager in both spotting and preventing harassment, and creating an environment that is less likely to allow harassment to occur; helping managers uncover how bias and stereotypes can lead to unfairness within their teams 
  • Expanded content on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression included in all course versions 
  • State-specific content is now woven into various modules in the course vs collecting all content into one state-specific module (this is more time efficient and more digestible from a learning perspective, as well) 
  • Improved production and post-production techniques to enhance the professional and modern look and feel of the course; this includes additional illustrative video & motion graphics, original music score, and secondary color correction (represents different skin tones in the best possible way) 

About Kantola

Kantola is an innovative eLearning company focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion and harassment prevention training solutions. They have many eLearning products that are perfect compliance courses for law firms. The company has partnered with Littler, the world’s largest labor and employment practice. Together, these two powerhouses work with top Hollywood talent and instructional design to create the highest quality and most engaging eLearning experience available in compliance. 

Kantola’s interactive elements help participants gain new insights about others and discover personal and practical ways to affect positive change. After training, learners rate Kantola courses a 9.1 out of 10, and 97% report they can better identify and deal with issues.

Would you like a short demo of Kantola’s compliance and harassment prevention products? Book a 30-minute demo!


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