Microsoft Toots Its Own (Teams) Horn

If you’re like the Savvy crew, your team is scattered across several offices and states. Few people are in the same suite, let alone the same time zone. This can make work flow a bit challenging. Also, some of us (ahem, Doug Striker, I’m looking at you) enjoy working at odd hours. When random To-Dos come surging into email boxes in the wee hours, it can be hard to ignore them. (Not that I ever would ignore you, Doug!)

Luckily Microsoft has released a new Teams mobile app and it helps not only manage workflow but also enables people to protect their coveted family time (or mountain biking time, or napping time).

Microsoft likes tooting its own horn, so I’m going to share their Top Ten Reasons to Love the new Teams Mobile App:

  1. Quiet Hours & Quiet Days: This feature enables you to set personal boundaries and even optimize your work time, limiting interruptions.
  2. Share Content in a Meeting from Your Cell Phone: Running a meeting from the dog park? Now you can share PowerPoint slides, videos or even share your phone screen.
  3. Transfer a Call from Your Laptop to Your Phone: On an important call at your desk but need to race to a meeting? Just switch the call to your mobile device with no disruptions.
  4. Audio Messages: Instead of a text, send an audio file. You can do it hands-free and the message won’t lose your personal flair like a text might.
  5. Dark Mode: A great option for low-light environments, causing less strain on your eyes.
  6. Integrated Office Lens: The Office Lens recognizes when you are taking a photo of a whiteboard or a document and optimizes the picture for that medium— even straightening out the document or making the whiteboard writing show up more clearly. And you can annotate images with text or by drawing on the image with your finger.
  7. Re-Order the Bottom Bar: Customize your nav bar to your heart’s content.
  8. Share Location: Want to let a customer know where to meet you? Or do you need to provide your boss with documentation of where you’ve been? This feature makes it simple.
  9. Triage Your Notifications with a Quick Swipe: Set your priorities as you read messages. (Store silly notes from friends in a low-priority bucket and urgent messages from the boss in another.)
  10. Swap Shifts: This feature enables folks on a shift schedule to cancel and swap with others on their team easily.

If your law firm uses Microsoft Teams but you feel like you could be getting more out of it with a little training, call Savvy today! We provide one-off, in-person, remote, ongoing, and customized training in all Microsoft products.


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