Savvy Offering Q4 Opportunity!

Existing technologies continue to grow and adapt. Security threats continue to expand. New software continues to come to market and new employees continue to join your organization. All of this converges with the need to support programs for learning and opportunities for education.

Time is at a premium for everyone and billable hours have to be met, but training can’t be overlooked. With the significant investment associated with technology it’s in everyone’s best interest to learn how to use these important tools and to maximize efficiency.

Q4 Budget Time = Savvy Incentive Time

Fall is back to school time and a great opportunity to invest in training and education. A common theme we heard at ILTACON 2019 was that people still need to learn and get better with the tools they’re using.

A good Learning Management System, Content Library, and thorough Training are at the core of a culture of learning. Savvy offers all of those and more to support your firm. And with firm budgets typically an active item in Q4, there are great opportunities and financial incentives to customize a combination to best serve your firm.

Having an LMS and Training Content at your disposal puts top-notch education right at your fingertips, on your schedule, wherever you are. Let’s talk about your current catalog of programs, upgrades, and baseline skill levels and we’ll build a program to help move your firm forward.

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