Tech in Law Firms: How Old Is Too Old?

Last month, writer Lucy Taylor wrote an article for Law Technology Today titled, “Seven Signs Your Law Firm’s Technology is Outdated.” I’m going to share her Seven Signs and then share a few from the intrepid Savvy team, as well! (We have seen some things, my friends…)

Lucy’s list includes (with my comments in parentheses)…

  1. Your Computer Monitors are Heavy. (This is actually my favorite. GIANT, clunky monitors. Remember those?!)
  2. You Still Have Tons of File Cabinets. (I don’t know a law firm that’s not guilty of this.)
  3. You Aren’t Automating Anything. (Some lawyers’ computers can’t even support automated calendars and notifications.)
  4. It Takes a Long Time to Help Clients. (Don’t kid yourself: this is not beneficial

to your bottom line. Clients are onto you… or they will be.)

  1. You Frequently Deal with Tech Support Problems. (The #1 way to deal with this problem is TRAINING!)
  2. Your Warranties or Support Arrangements Are Out of Date. (Is your Microsoft version still supported? If not, you’re old school.)
  3. Your Employees Would Rather Use Their Own Devices. (When your new hires come in, do they turn up their noses at your computers like you just offered them broccoli? Time to upgrade.)

Those are good, but they barely scratch the surface! Here is the, “Savvy List: Signs Your Law Firm’s Technology is Outdated.”

  • Your monitor is black-and-white.
  • Your grandkids don’t know what it is.
  • It doesn’t connect to the Interweb.
  • It connects to the Interweb via a screeching box that sets your teeth fillings on edge.
  • It connects to the Interweb via a cable the diameter of your wrist.
  • You frequently make sweet excuses for it, such as, “My printer’s having a bad day.”
  • It’s an overhead projector (like your first grade teacher used).
  • It sits on an easel.
  • Your PC has a “drink holder” (DVD/CD tray).
  • It requires an ink ribbon… and whiteout.
  • It clips to your belt and only displays phone numbers.
  • It has a rotary dial.
  • It’s called a Rolodex.
  • You’re still hung up on WordPerfect 5.1 reveal codes.
  • You carry a “mobile” phone in a giant bag with an antenna sticking out.

Do you have examples from YOUR law firm to add to this list!? Send them to me today! (Come on… have a little fun!)


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