On the Road Again! Invite Us to Speak about Tech Competency at Your Firm

Savvy Training & Consulting is back on the road this summer! Jay Stromberg, Savvy’s Chief of Business Development, and I have visited five cities and five firms so far and we’ve had an important message to share. In a nutshell: We all have a duty to be technologically competent in order to provide ethical representation to our clients. But more on that later…

So far, we have visited the following beautiful cities and we were hosted by the following brilliant firms:

  • Phoenix, February 21, Perkins Coie, LLP
  • Dallas, April 18, Winstead, PC
  • DC, May 8, Nixon Peabody, LLP
  • Chicago, June 5, Vedder Price PC
  • Minneapolis, June 7, Fredrikson & Byron, PA

Hats off to these firms for embracing the future. And by the future, I mean the IMMEDIATE future. It’s becoming infinitely clear that the legal industry (and our clients) are no longer going to tolerate lawyers and firms that provide services the same way they did 30, 20, 10 – even 5 years ago. Technology has changed the way the world works and we’ve got to embrace it or face obsolescence.

In our presentation, “Uphold Your Firm’s Professional Duty to be Tech Savvy,” we discuss the following:

  • How does the American Bar Association’s change to Model Rule 1.1 affect you?
  • What does it mean to be technologically savvy? (And what happens if you’re not?)
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: How do you actually achieve a level of technological competency (and maintain it)?

A Tasting Menu of What We Discuss in Our Roadshow

One of the things we discuss in our roadshow is the impact of remaining tech incompetent, including:

  • Charging unreasonable fees (clients are increasingly demanding proof of tech competency to assure that you’re using their time well)
  • Unintentionally creating lower realization rates and lowering firm profits
  • Exposing your clients’ sensitive documents to security breaches

Many firms are now jumping on the tech-competency bandwagon, but it can still be hard to know which areas of technology to focus on as you seek continuing education opportunities. In our presentation, we discuss The Five Realms of Technology Competence:

  1. Data Security
  2. Electronic Discovery
  3. Technology Used to Manage the Practice
  4. Technology Used by Clients
  5. Technology Used to Present Information in the Courtroom

Along the way, we also discuss…

  • Myths about Microsoft Word
  • A checklist for achieving technology competence
  • Important developments around this topic in your state
  • Cautionary tales
  • Steps to create a learning culture in your firm
  • And much, much more

Would you like us to visit your beautiful city and speak to your brilliant firm? You can invite friends and we’ll bring lunch! Contact me today: Doug@SavvyTraining.com, 303-800-5408


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