What Happens at ILTACON 2018… Improves Your Firm’s Learning Culture!

Are you going to ILTACON 2018 in National Harbor, MD?

I am!

And I am participating in a panel discussion titled, “Successful Strategies for Engaging and Motivating Learners,” which will be held on Thursday, August 23 from 2-3pm in the Maryland D conference room. (Click the link to add it to your calendar.)

Here is the session description: “Attorneys and staff are busy, often stressed-out, and hate wasting their time. They want and need learning experiences that help them work smarter, and achieve their goals. What new methodologies can be used to meet the demanding needs of today’s legal learners? Don’t miss this innovative presentation on neuroscience, adult learning theory, and training strategies.”

During this session, my colleagues and I will provide actionable tips that you can take back to your firm and use immediately. These tips will include tactics that you can implement immediately to impact learning, as well as long-term strategies to change the very culture at your firm to one that embraces and achieves continuous learning… without wasting time.

If you’d like to chat with me prior to the session to drop some ideas and questions into my brain… challenges you’d like the panel to address… I’d love to hear from you! Call or email me! Doug@SavvyTraining.com, 303-800-5408

More About ILTACON 2018

ILTACON is the premier educational and networking event for the legal sector. Drawing on the personal and collective strength of law firm and law department professionals, ILTACON is the best place to learn what works, what doesn’t and what’s next in legal technology. Topic experts deliver examples, inspiration and takeaways through a variety of session formats that can be applied to the challenges and opportunities you face within your team, your organization and the industry. This four-day event features extensive networking opportunities and educational content inspired by and developed by peers, with a volunteer planning committee that works collaboratively with peers, business partners and experts to ensure each session provides value to a variety of professional roles.

I’m excited to hear the Monday keynote speaker, Lisa Bodell, who is founder and CEO of futurethink. Her session is titled, “Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution,” and I believe it will inspire each of us to be the change-makers and innovators that our firms and – let’s face it – the entire legal industry needs. Her session asks…

Winning Innovators Embrace Change – Do You?

What holds you back from better innovating, every day? In too many organizations, we’re stuck in the land of status quo. We’ve forgotten how to think differently, and lack the simple tools to solve problems creatively. The very structures put in place to help organizations grow are now holding us back. This keynote is an inspirational call to arms: to start a revolution in how we think and how we work.

ILTACON Camaraderie

Finally, I’m looking forward to seeing people from around the country who face some of the same challenges and opportunities that I do so that we can swap ideas and stories. It’s always rejuvenating to spend time with people who embrace learning and, baby, this group is filled with learners, tech junkies and legal eagles. My people!

If you’d like to meet for coffee, lunch or cocktails, I’d love to hear from you! Let’s make ILTACON 2018 the best ever!

Doug@SavvyTraining.com, 303-800-5408


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