“That Was Fun!” said no HR compliance trainee ever. Until Now!


HR Manager: “Everyone, I have great news! I’ve just released the new compliance training modules on our learning management system! Feel free to dive in and take those courses as soon as your schedule allows.”

Every single staff member and attorney: “YESSSSSSSSS!”

If this sounds like a dream sequence in a Pixar blockbuster, then you must be an HR manager who has had to release old-school compliance trainings to moans, groans and all-out tantrums at your law firm. Let me tell you, those days are over.

Savvy Training & Consulting now offers interactive, customizable, attention-grabbing and effective training content that can have a lasting impact on your firm’s culture and productivity. We have partnered with Vado to provide our clients with Elearning Magazine’s Best of 2017HR Compliance Training content.

Vado’s courses are fantastic (and award-winning) because they include:

  • Quick Learning Modules: These 5- to 8-minute modules can be completed in any order the learner chooses
  • Interactivity: Each module ends with a game in which the learner earns points
  • Real-world examples: Scenarios with alternative endings keep participants clicking and learning

Further, the courses, which are also available in Spanish, are easily customizable in the following ways:

  • Use your logo
  • Include a picture of your office as a background in the course
  • Customize the “Viewer Mailbag” questions to include issues unique to your office environment
  • Customize the “News Crawl” at the bottom of the screen
  • Import your own CEO video
  • Customize the quiz questions

Specifically, there are three courses in the “Preventing Harassment and Discrimination” series:

  1. 30-minute employee course
  2. 60-minute manager course
  3. 2-hour manager course to satisfy CA & CT state requirements

Would you like to learn more about Vado’s compliance training courses? Contact me today for a free demo. Doug@SavvyTraining.com, 303-800-5408


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