The SavvyImplant and Other Exciting Training Technologies

Dear Friends,

I have incredibly exciting news to share. Savvy Training & Consulting has been hard at work on some new technologies that, I believe, are nothing short of revolutionary.

Here at Savvy, we hear from law firm trainers every day who want to make it easier to train lawyers and their support staff so that the entire firm’s work product is of a higher quality. These trainers understand the efficiencies attainable through a well-trained law firm, leading to big bottom-line results. But how do you get attorneys to take the time necessary for training? How do you deliver it in dynamic, appealing ways? How do you get the content to stick in people’s brains?

Take heart! On April 1, 2018, Savvy will release the following products and services. At this time, supplies are limited, so I encourage you to contact me immediately so that your firm is among the first to adopt these innovative, transformative learning products.


Drop the mouse and step away from the computer. The SavvyImplant stores all of Savvy’s learning materials from the SavvySMART Content Library right in a small chip that we can implant directly into your brain. Stop wasting valuable time clicking on your mouse! With some easily learned eye movements, you can access your new SavvyImplant and get the information you need without lifting a single finger. Dr. Doug Striker and Dr. Jay Stromberg are performing the outpatient surgeries themselves for a limited time.


Not excited about becoming a cyborg with the SavvyImplant? We get it! You can achieve nearly the same efficiencies with SavvyBluetooth. This handy earbud sits patiently in your ear canal until you run into an issue. Then, for example, if you can’t remember how to create a table of contents, just say, “Savvy, how do I create a table of contents?” The SavvyBluetooth speaks instructions directly into your ear.


You’ve heard of the Elf on the Shelf; this is like having a trainer on the shelf! For those who are still somewhat tech-averse and not interested in implants or earbuds, the SavvyGnome may be the perfect answer! SavvyGnome sits on your desk and watches you work. When you make a mistake, he or she (you have your choice of gender as well as other accessories) will jump up and take over your keyboard to fix the problem. (SavvyGnome comes with a one-month food supply as well as toiletries and bedding.)


Now, let’s move on to the perils of security awareness training. You know you need it because Jim in Accounting keeps opening emails from QuickBooks… but they’re not from QuickBooks. “Oh Jim, when will you ever learn?” If you find that your phishing campaigns and other security awareness training programs aren’t working on a particular employee, try SavvyShock! With this handy technology, any time Jim clicks on a scam, he gets a mild shock from his keyboard. (You can increase the intensity based on the number of times the employee goofs, ultimately amping up the discipline to levels that could drop a horse.) Protect your firm today with SavvyShock!

SavvyStratosphere LMS

And now, the product that we are most excited about. Drum roll, please…

Savvy has partnered with Elon Musk to launch our own satellite. In fact, it launched this morning, April 1, and it is already orbiting Alpha Centauri. This means that the Savvy Learning Management System is no longer cloud-hosted; it is cosmic-hosted! The SavvyStratosphere LMS has already worked out many of the difficulties of cosmic-hosting, such as solar flares, dark matter and black holes. Using SavvyStratosphere, trainers can now take their training program to intergalactic levels!

But wait, there’s more! SavvyStratosphere even solves the language barriers associated with global training programs. When you subscribe to SavvyStratosphere, all of your users also receive a babel fish, which is a small, yellow, leech-like creature that, when inserted into the ear canal, can translate every language on the planet. You’re welcome.


Finally, for those attorneys in your firm who refuse to move past the 19th century and prefer to get their information out of dusty books, we can provide the entire Savvy content library in a set of printed-on-paper encyclopedias. To give this product even more nostalgia, a traveling salesman will arrive at your firm for a one-on-one appointment with the troglodyte attorney, giving him the old soft shoe experience. Once the purchase is complete, the salesman will install the volumes on the attorney’s bookshelf and then blow a layer of dust across the bindings.

Partner of the Month: SpaceX

SpaceX designs manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company was founded in 2002 to revolutionize the legal training industry, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to know anything at any time on any device using any legal technology.

Contact me immediately to schedule your free demo of any of these April 1 products!


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