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Hello Savvy friends!

Jay Stromberg, Savvy’s Chief of Business Development, and I are hitting the road this spring to share our thoughts on the American Bar Association’s mandate that lawyers achieve and maintain “tech competency” in order to provide ethical representation to their clients. We’d love to visit your city, your ILTA chapter or your firm to share this important information.

Here are two upcoming dates and locations:

  1. Wednesday, February 21: 12pm – 1:30pm
  2. Perkins Coie

    2901 N. Central Avenue

    Suite 2000

    Phoenix, AZ 85012

    Register here.

    1. Wednesday, April 18: 12pm – 1:30pm
    2. Winstead PC

      500 Winstead Building

      2728 N. Harwood Street

      Dallas, TX 75201

      Register here.

      More About My Presentation

      In 2012, the American Bar Association (ABA) adopted a change to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to clarify that lawyers have a duty to be competent not only in the law and its practice but also in technology. To Model Rule 1.1 (attorneys must provide competent representation), the ABA added Comment 8 stating that maintaining technological competence is part of meeting that duty.First, I’ll discuss why this rule is important and why 28 state bar associations (and counting) have already adopted it into their rules. Truly, firms and attorneys need to understand that they can’t afford not to be tech compliant. (Ignoring this rule is like the Blockbuster CEO saying that he wasn’t concerned about Netflix.)

      Then, I will outline a step-by-step process for creating a learning culture in your firm so that technology training is an integral part of providing competent representation to your clients. We’ll cover many topics including:

      • Get buy-in from management
      • Form a technology committee
      • Administer individualized assessments
      • Increase attorney participation
      • Create customized training
      • Offer training that meets people where they are
      • Award certifications or other competitive incentives (which can also tout the firm’s technological advantages)

      Bonus: I’m buying lunch!

      If your firm hopes for continued success in the future, it is imperative to create a learning culture today. I’ll prepare you to achieve the tech learning goals needed for long-term firm success.

      Want to share this information with your firm and your ILTA chapter? Contact me today and let’s book a date! , 303-800-5408


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