Have Traveling Classroom, Will Train

I’ll get right to the point: Savvy Training & Consulting has a Traveling Classroom all booted up and ready for you to use. It includes 8 to 16 laptops, preloaded with Microsoft Office 2016, and training exercises for each of the Office applications (ie. Excel, Word, etc.). You can also load the latest version of your document management system (DMS) to these laptops and conduct DMS trainings.

The Savvy Traveling Classroom is available for short-term rentals and priced by the day, determined by the number of laptops that you rent.

OK, so why is this such a fantastic tool for your training program? Because hands-on training is the best way to teach your attorneys and staff to use the applications that you want them to use. You may need to get everyone in a room to share information about your transition to Office 2016, but unless you can give people access to the application in a safe, “unbreakable” training environment, they are unlikely to try new skills on their actual work. They will quickly revert back to their old ways because they think the old ways are faster and more reliable.

If you want your law firm to truly embrace the technology changes you introduce, then you need to give them demonstrations and hands-on exercises to cement those new skills into their brains and their routines.

With the Savvy Traveling Classroom, you can:

  • Provide hands-on training to groups of up to 16 people in a classroom setting
  • Expand your current classroom trainings to accommodate additional learners
  • Train your entire firm to use Microsoft Office 2016 prior to launching the new application
  • Assign the pre-loaded Savvy training exercises on any of the Office 2016 applications
  • Load your document management system application onto each of the laptops and conduct trainings prior to launch
  • Conduct routine on-boarding trainings with your new hires on a regular basis, renting the Savvy Traveling Classroom on scheduled dates to accommodate your hiring schedule
  • Ship the Savvy Traveling Classroom to satellite offices with pre-loaded trainings ready for users

For those who already have the SavvySMART Content Library, once you ship the Traveling Classroom back to us, your users still have access to Office 2016 trainings that match what you just taught them in the classroom. You can assign additional learning paths and quizzes for people to “level up.”

Would you like to learn more about the Savvy Traveling Classroom? Contact Doug Striker (Doug@SavvyTraining.com) or Jay Stromberg (Jay@SavvyTraining.com) for more information.


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