Bass, Berry & Sims Launches Proactive Training Prior to Office 2016 Upgrade

Bass, Berry & Sims Chooses SavvySMART Content Library

“We will upgrade to Microsoft 2016 at the end of the year but, because we already have the SavvySMART materials, users can familiarize themselves with the system before the change actually happens. By the time we launch, people will know what they’re doing. We’ll say, ‘It’s time to launch!’ and they’ll say, ‘That’s old news.’ I’d be fine with that!”

  • Melisa Wimsatt, Professional Development Manager, Bass, Berry & Sims PLC


    Melisa Wimsatt, Professional Development Manager

    Bass, Berry & Sims PLC


    Bass, Berry & Sims is planning to upgrade to Microsoft 2016 in the second half of this year. They have the University Site LMS but sought a new content provider that could offer their team a better understanding of the entire Microsoft 2016 environment, in addition to short, task-based tutorials. They also wanted a content solution that quizzed learners after lessons so that the team could track progress individually and firm-wide.


    SavvySMART content library


    Melisa Wimsatt reports the following:

    • “We had been using a different product for a while and it was good, but their lessons were task-based, one task at a time. In moving to Microsoft 2016, we need people to understand the broader context. The Savvy e-learning modules provide context beyond the tasks. SavvySMART helps us teach the bigger picture.”
    • “Another selling point was that there are quizzes built into the SavvySMART courses so that we can see how everyone is doing.”
    • “The lessons plus the quizzes mean that people can direct their own learning. This helps us move into a continuous learning culture.”


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