5 Reasons to Meet Me at the 2017 ALA Conference in Denver

Woot Woot! The 2017 ALA Conference is being held in Denver this April! That’s my backyard, baby! Not only will I attend the conference, but I have a booth (a corner!) and I’m speaking! (OK, time to back off on the exclamation marks a bit…) Are you planning to attend the conference? You should. Why? See sentence 4 in this happy paragraph.

The ALA annual conference draws legal administrators (aka: your people) from all over the country. It also draws vendors who serve your industry and who are innovating ways for your job to be easier, more productive and more enjoyable. It also features speakers (such as yours truly) who have ideas and insights to share based on our experience with firms – big and small – that face the same challenges that you face.

In short: it’s your community! It’s a place to get recharged, reconnected and resourced (ie. Get the resources you need).

Now, once you book your tickets (done yet?), you need to make plans to visit my booth (#1028) and attend my presentation. Why? I’ll tell you why.

Drumroll: Here Are the Top 5 Reasons to Meet Me at the 2017 ALA Conference:

5. I know the area: Would you like to escape for a few hours and hit an awesome hiking trail? I’m your guy. Heck, let me know ahead of time and I could connect you with some shops where you can rent a bike for some awesome mountain biking near Denver. Dinner spots? Theater? Shopping? Consider me your Denver Dude.

4. Free demos: Walk up to my booth and say, “Doug, I want something free!” I’ll say, “Here’s a free demo!” OK, it’s not a winning lottery ticket, but it could end up changing your (work) life for the better. If you are at all curious about the Savvy Learning Management System (SavvyAcademy), or the Savvy content (SavvySMART), plan to visit booth 1028 and I’ll answer every single question you’ve got!

3. My presentation: I’m speaking on Tuesday, April 4, from 10:15-11:15 and my topic is “Lean Training.” It’s all about driving maximum efficiencies in your firm with limited training resources. You will come away knowing how to: Create a Performance Improvement Plan, Automate scheduling and participation, Maximize your dollars, and Watch for flashpoints. And guess what? You can earn 1 hour of credit (CPE, CLE, CLM) just by attending my presentation. Bonus!

2. Echo Giveaway: That’s right. I’m giving away an Amazon Echo to one lucky person. (“Alexa, can you say, ‘Hot diggity?’”) All you have to do is stop by my booth or attend my presentation so that I can scan your biz card and you’re entered!

1. Terry will be there! Yes, the wonderful Terry Aurit, who has been called both “brilliant” and “so nice” will be at the Savvy booth answering people’s questions, providing training and learning insights, and generally enhancing everyone’s day with her presence. Everyone loves Terry… but you’ll have to visit Booth 1028 to see her!

Email me (Doug@SavvyTraining.com) if you plan to attend the conference. I’d love to connect for coffee, lunch, drinks, a tour around the Expo or just a tour of my booth.

See you in Denver in April!


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