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Through Savvy (and my own personal quest to work more efficiently), I am constantly searching for ways to help my law firm clients improve their productivity. Imagine my glee when I recently met Paul Burton, a former attorney who completely understands the law firm environment and who has launched a company to help his lawyer friends work more efficiently.

Like you, I am always suspicious of so-called time management schemes that take more time to learn than they help. So, I kicked the tires on Paul’s products myself and they work fabulously! Not only are the quick tutorials packaged in easily digestible, interactive programs but they work like a charm! With a few clicks, I reduced my distractions and improved my productivity. And that was from just ONE tutorial: Email Management.

So, I’ve decided to offer Paul’s library of programs, “QuietSpacing OnDemand,” through the SavvyAcademy LMS to interested firms.

These short-burst modular programs were specifically developed for lawyers and legal professionals. More importantly, they put people in charge of their own learning.

Try it for yourself!

Check out this preview of the email management program.

I know! It’s great, right?!

Program Library

Here’s a list of the programs available:

  • Time Management Strategies for Regaining Command of Your Day: Pick from the 24 suggestions offered in this fast-paced and entertaining examination of our current working environment. Stop treading water and start experiencing greater productivity and work-life balance.
  • 10 New Ways to Make Good Use of Your Time: This program delivers 10 new way for people to get more done and enjoy great personal and professional satisfaction. Filled with updated anecdotes and the latest brain science, everyone will find something they can use immediately.
  • Wait: Why You Procrastinate & What You Can Do About It: Ever wonder why you procrastinate? Does it impact your work and life? Would you like to do it less? This engaging, quiz-based program will arm you with facts and fixes to help you procrastinate less and get more done.
  • Triage: Rescuing Your Inbox, Email Productivity: We are overwhelmed with email. It’s distracting, frustrating and, sadly, necessary to get our work done. What if there was a better way to manage email? What if we could declutter our in-boxes and focus on the emails that truly need our attention? Get ready to tame your in-box and regain command of the day!
  • Send: A Dozen Ways to Make E-mail Productive Again: E -mail is the boon of the modern world and the bane for most of us working in it. We have a love/hate relationship with this digital communication technology. This program lays out 12 best practices for making email more productive. Why not use this powerful tool more effectively?
  • Orchestrate: Four Productivity Skills Every Manager Needs: Moving from individual contributor to a manager (of deals/cases and of others) requires new skills. There are myriad details to track, expectations to meet, and work to get done. Developing solid managerial skills ensures that top-quality work gets delivered on time. This program focuses on four key skills that turn good professionals into great managers – Consideration, Collaboration, Communication and Coordination.
  • The Waterfall Effect: Six Principles for Productive Leadership: When leaders focus their time on the correct activities and priorities, they produce The Waterfall Effect: the resulting benefit that cascades down through the organization. This presentation sets forth six principles of productive leadership and offers 18 immediately actionable suggestions to ensure leaders are making the best use of their time.


  • These programs have been developed (by Law Firm E-learning) specifically for the on-demand learning environment.
  • They upload directly to the SavvyAcademy LMS, so you can manage them and track their usage.
  • The annual subscription covers unlimited viewing by unlimited personnel.

More About Paul

Paul H. Burton is a former corporate finance attorney and general counsel who helps people regain command of their day. As a nationally recognized time management expert, he regularly speaks to legal audiences about getting more done and enjoying greater personal and professional satisfaction. Paul is the author of seven books on individual and leadership productivity. You can learn more about Paul and his practice at

Ready to Learn More?!

Let me know if you’re ready to get going with the next generation of time management programs for your lawyers and legal professionals!, 303-800-5408


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