Preventing Harassment and Discrimination

For the most part, when I get up on my weekly blogging soapbox, I wax on about tech skills, such as MS 2016 migrations, cybersecurity and learning management systems. But in my travels and chats with trainers across the legal industry, I have learned that human resources professionals are clamoring for compliance courses that cover people skills!

  • How should you behave in the work environment?
  • What is appropriate or inappropriate?

I know that many people think the answers to those questions are obvious, but as we become a globalized society, we often have people of multiple cultures and backgrounds coming together to work as a team. While very few people would intentionally harass or discriminate against a co-worker, sometimes our actions can convey unintended messages.

So, as I heard more and more people asking for help training their employees in these “soft skills,” I decided that Savvy needed to provide this training content asap.

Now, I am proud to announce a set of three new courses titled “Preventing Harassment and Discrimination,” offered through my new partnership with Vado.

If you already offer courses on this topic from a different vendor and if you ever get feedback that the courses are:

  • Boring
  • Outdated
  • Not optimized for the mobile learner

And if you want…

  • Something different, something better
  • Flexibility to buy just the courses you need (rather than the full HR Compliance Bundle)
  • Competitive pricing

Then, you should consider offering this “Preventing Harassment and Discrimination” series instead! There are three courses in this series:

  1. 30-minute employee course
  2. 60-minute manager course
  3. 2-hour manager course to satisfy CA & CT state requirements

These courses are “super cool” because they include:

  • Quick Learning Modules: These 5- to 8-minute modules can be completed in any order the learner chooses
  • Interactivity: Each module ends with a game in which the learner earns points
  • Real-world examples: Scenarios with alternative endings

Additionally, by the end of Q1 2017, these three courses will be available in Spanish.

Further, the courses are easily customizable.

  • Use your logo
  • Include a picture of your office as a background in the course
  • Customize the “Viewer Mailbag” questions to include issues unique to your office environment
  • Customize the “News Crawl” at the bottom of the screen
  • Import your own CEO video
  • Customize the quiz questions

Would you like to learn more? Watch the video below and contact me for more information!, 303-800-5408.


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